Monday, November 3, 2014

Christmas cards for Verterans

Greetings and thankful appreciation for all who serve and protect our great nation. Our Woman's club sponsors 2 local Veterans housed at the VA Hospital in Spring City, PA. 

By sponsoring them we offer birthday and Christmas cards and gifts...within their guidelines of course. My friend that shops for them asked me to make a special Christmas card to thank them for their service as well as wish them happy holidays. She said it's hard to find a card specified for Veterans. I still had some stickers left from scrap booking my husbands 60th birthday album so I made 3 more...similar yet different. I will send them to a few of my heroes.

My husband served as a Marine SGT. in Vietnam...and is considered disabled....he served among the walking dead division....His heart and health issues are a result of Agent Orange. 

Sgt. Sweeney is respected by all that know a young man once said after dating our daughter..."You drive safe....because he told you to" The Sgt. still barks orders ...usually followed by a charming smile.

Perhaps you will tell a Veteran you love thank you. With Veterans Day on the 11th and the Marine Corp Birthday the 12th it's a great way to remember their sacrifices.

Til next time ~ Be well Carole

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  1. Fab cards Carole and what a great way to support these brave men and women. I've been supporting an RAF Squadron via a friend who collects cards to send to them, but these are general cards for them to get in their bases that are far away, so they can send them home. Recently we collected 70 handmade cards in a month through a card drive at work. This scheme has now folded so it was the last time for a while, hugs Carole Z X


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