Thursday, November 6, 2014

A baby shower...time to play

 While shopping for a baby shower present I noticed this display box...imagining I could use it for something I put it in the cart...I asked the cashier if it was okay to take, the answer... no problem. Well as soon as I got it home I saw it as a gift basket... wrapped in tissue paper, I rolled up the towel and one-sies tucked in the socks and covered it with cellophane, then tied a ribbon round it.

The yellow ducky and cute green frog inspired me to create this matching card. Using the cricut and SCAL [library of basic shapes] I cut several 1 inch ducks, stars, moons, pacifiers, hearts...layering them for dimension. 

The block letters [BABY] I used the ChockABlock NF font. The frog I cut from a silhouette shape to create the svg. file. 

I love adding extra details when I'm making a personalized card...lining the envelope and adding little cuts... like stickers on the front and back of the envelope as well as inside the card. Maybe I could make a matching bag.

The End...feeling silly but having fun...wish you the same.
Be well and thanks for stopping by. ~Carole


  1. What a brilliant find and it looks amazing...someone is in for a treat!! xx

  2. What a fab freebie Carole and love what you did with it...your gift box and card will be the talk of the baby shower! Hugs Carole Z X


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