Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A couple Christmas cards and 2 ornaments

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving...I'm giving thanks for the many luxuries we take for granted, for the safety and comfort of home, for the love of my family and friends, and for the freedoms of being a citizen of the USA. I hope you're well and enjoying life.

I've started making Christmas cards and figure I'll have to make at least 4 a day to cover my mailing list. I'll be looking for inspiration on your blogs and pinterest.

I added the white dots because the card looked so plain. I love these Spellbinder bells and ornaments. I cut the sentiment from white sticky back it looks a bit puffed up.

Up next are 2 ornaments I cut from glitter paper. Using 6 die cuts, folded in half then glued to each other to form this 3d ornament. I saw it on Spellbinders idea gallery. When I make the next one I'll glue the string between the die cuts. I like to give ornaments for you? 

I'll need to get a bit more organized and make duplicate cards if I want to complete my list. That's all for now, I hope to post more often but we'll see how things go.

I'm still challenged with shoulder pain and carpal tunnel syndrome so I'll keep my posts short. I hope you're well and surrounded by the love of family and friends. ~ Carole

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Inspired by Tami Mayberry’s card I saved on Pinterest I made this pop up card. Now I think I will make another one using smaller snow flakes with some snowmen on the front.

The sentiment, "Sending warm and fuzzy greetings" 
is flanked by a cap and a mitten
 obscured by the hanging snowflakes.

This simple gate fold card was inspired by the paper...
I fussy cut the bottom floral to overlap the fold, embossed and embellish...quick and simple.

Up next is another card using the same paper with a contrasting  strip, from the back of the double sided paper. Adding the "You & me" die cut over the pink vellum heart will make a nice anniversary card.

  I learn something every time I try something new. What works and what can be improved. 

That's all for now. Be well and craft on! ~ Carole

Monday, November 9, 2015

Share Handmade Kindness

Greetings... Today I'm jumping into a challenge that speaks to me. Sharing simple kindness is my mission, so when I opened the email from Jennifer McGuire I was inspired to make this card for my chiropractor. 

I want him to know how much I value his service. I first googled Chiropractic Posters and found this one that inspired my version.

I had so much fun with this design I just had to make another one. I'm sure to think of someone to mail it to.

Feel free to inquire if you're interested in knowing the dies and products I used. Thanks for visiting and spread a little kindness too! Be Well ~ Carole

Sunday, November 8, 2015

On a roll with one design using different papers and embellishments

Greetings crafty peeps. I have for you a collection of 3 birthday cards...all similar, yet different.

I used my cricut to cut the letters using "cambria math" font because I know it cuts well under an inch. I'd like a script font if anyone know of one that cuts well.

I used both capital letters and lower case with a shadow back ground.

I used American Craft double sided fun and coordinating. Birthday Basics is the link for the gift boxes and bows dies, by "wplus9". They even came packaged with a magnetic card, so handy to keep tiny dies from getting lost.

Up next are four cards inspired by this Pinterest  link... designed by Lynette De Bortoli 

I love the versatility of this simple yet charming design. I used the cricut to cut the frames, and a score board for the embossing...a couple of paper punches and stickers for the sentiments. 

"Thinking of you" is my favorite, it was the last of the series of 4 and I learned a few things along the way.

I love the iridescent shine on these papers called "the glimmer package" a collection of quality papers from the Paper Temptress . I sandwiched some vellum between two frames, but the ribbon I used is too bulky so it's a bit bumpy.

That's all folks. Thanks for sharing your time to visit. Comments and questions will be acknowledged. Be well and craft on! ~Carole

Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm back

Short story...cataracts removed, vision improved, new computer...many technical issues... still learning. So I think I'll just jump right in and post some of the cards I've been making.

Here are three wedding cards: the first is a gate-fold with interlocking hearts. 

the second one is deeply embossed and layered with many elements, on a pearl white glossy paper. I love white on white but it is difficult to photograph.

Up next I used a shiny pearl-escent  velum paper...even more difficult to photograph. All three inspired by  my recent pins...found on Pinterest.

Here's a collection of shaker cards using glitter card stock. I experimented with the shaker elements using glitter and tiny seed beads. I enjoy using the positive and negative cuts.

A stand out and step up card for my nephew who just completed Marine Corp boot camp.

The Woman's Club is planning another fashion show in May, and the theme is Spring Time in Paris. So I cut and assembled these Eiffel Towers for consideration as decorations. We haven't decided on a color theme yet...but I'm partial to blue and yellow.

I have to admit I lost my mojo for quite a while, but I hope to get it back and start creating and blogging regularly. Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment and I'll return the visit.

Be well~ Carole

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A banner for the Woman's Club of Royersford

Greetings and thanks for visiting.
Today I will share my latest project, this banner.

I started by cutting premium poster board into pennants then chomping the holes to string them together. 

I cut small notches at the top of this tri-fold foam core display and inserted the string then pulled to tighten it. They could be tied together for a longer single banner, but this will work as a display board.


I took down the top cluster of pennants and removed the string so that I could add grommets. That's a lot of chomping, so I did it in shifts.

I played with different possible ways to layer the letters to add dimension and interest. I decided to keep it simple adding just the white embossed layer over the base, then the letters. 
Using the georgia font at 3" tall I cut the first layer of letters/words from recycled cereal boxes and chip board from various products.  Then I cut them again using the deep blue to glue on top.

I glued the letter layers together and finished cutting and embossing the white layer, but I needed to give my arm a rest from cranking the cuttlebug.

Here's my spray booth, this makes for easy assembly so I even spray glued the letters, in the end it all came together very quickly.

Our club's logo is "keeping library doors open", so I want to some how feature the tri-fold as library doors, any ideas are welcome.  

Personal note: Yesterday I had an SLT (laser surgery) done to my left eye. After my 2 week check up I'll schedule the first cataract removal. With the eye pressure lowered I hope it will relieve the light sensitivity I've been experiencing.

 Hoping all is well with all y'all.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Women's Club of Royersford Fashion Show & Luncheon

Greetings..I've been quite involved in our  Women club..."Step Into Fashion" show and luncheon. Here are the signs I made to welcome our guest. The "Best in Shoe" contest and signature cocktail. 

 The center pieces features a blinged out shoe holding a bottle of wine,  
atop a wrapped shoe box. 

I die cut the end pieces using a sizzix frame die. 

I created the high heel svg file then traced it in SCAL [Sure Cuts Alot] 
I love that you can resize the high heels to make little ones for the placecards and our committee name badges. 
Here you can see all the tiny heels stuck to a glue dot ready to be placed on the place card, and the tiny black bows ready to be placed on the shoe box ends.

The black, copper, silver and gold glitter paper cut so well, I used most of the paper pack.

I even made a paper trophy for the winner of the "Best In Shoe" contest. The ruby red shoe had a bottle of Lady in Red wine. 

We had over 40 baskets and bags to raffle off, donations from local businesses and banks. Gift certificates, floral arrangements even a painting by a local artist.

We had a run way  set up down the center of the room for the models to strut their stuff  to the kickin' music the dj was playing. An Elvis impersonator judged the "Best In Shoe" contest after singing "Blue Suede Shoes"

We're still working on the photos...the photographer took over 300 pictures. I will work with them to make collages for the scrap book. As the historian of the club that's one of my duties.
We were all delighted with the profits ....$$$$.... so now we'll be able to increase our community contributions and "Keeping Library Doors Open.

Any way...I've been scheduling appointments to deal with high eye pressures,  glaucoma and cataracts  I'm experiencing high sensitivity to light...even the computer is too bright. The eye drops have there side effects too. So that explains my absence, I'll do my best to tune in when I'm able. Thanks for stopping by.
Be well ~ Carole

Friday, March 27, 2015

Philly Fan Box Card

Greetings and thanks for stopping by. First I feel the need to explain my absence...burning pain in my wrist and shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, when I spend to much time on the computer...that discourages me from typing. Plus the ganglion cyst on my ring finger. I will need to address this with a surgeon some time soon. Especially since it limits my crafting time too!

A dear friend asked me to make a special  card for a Philly fan that is celebrating her 85th birthday. When you live in certain Philadelphia neighborhoods you have to root for the team. That includes team shirts & hats, parties, outdoor decor, name it...Philly Phanatics. The box card can feature all of that. I should have added a hot dog with the sheet music "Take me out to the ball game"

Up next the baby shower banner...I could have made it twice the looks so small.

I've seen so many darling crocheted caps on line...that I was inspired to try one. I've crocheted 100's of doilies...tiny little angels and ornaments, and a couple dozen afghans, but I've never made a hat/cap or had to deal with gauge.

I was at the craft store and with my GD Rylee in mind, I looked for a pretty pink yarn that would be soft on her little bald head. Rylee will be 10 in April and she has alopecia. Anyway I didn't have the pattern but choose this brilliant pink yarn and tried my hand at a cap. The gauge is too big so I'll try again. I just bought a loom to make big fluffy flowers to top this off.

I'll post when I can...I've been a [sit-in] editor for our Woman's Club of Royersford, monthly newsletter. Which has aggravated the C P Syndrome. I'm amazed at how much I forgot in 4 years ...when I finally found a replacement. I'll be happy to give it back to Mary Anne on her return...and appreciate her all the more.

I've also been enrolled in creating a sign, a trophy...for The Best in Shoe", place cards and table numbers for this up coming event in May. I'll layer this on a  larger black foam core rectangle and add the club information
 to complete. Tune in nest time to see the completed projects.

 Be well and thanks for visiting.~Carole

If you have something to say...please share it in the comment section.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby boy banner in nautical blues

Greetings my friends.  

Today I'm showcasing a banner I'm making for a baby boy shower. 
Working with what I have on hand I printed these nautical blues...stripes and waves on glossy photo paper. Thanks Chicfetti for these fun prints.

 I was asked to make a banner for a family member...the grandmother to wasn't until I was cutting out these printed pages that I wondered if there was a theme...or color scheme...I need to ask more questions up front. Oh is what it is.

The theme for the shower is the Lion King I printed these clipart lion cubs and glued them to this packaging cardstock before fussy cutting. I always save these quality pieces, using them for shims or for sturdy dimensional die cuts. Now how to tie it all together...nautical jungle???

I started by cutting all the pendants...then using the crop-a-dile I punched the holes and added the grommets. I continued by cutting multiple...stackable labels for layering in the marine shades of blue. Using the cricut and SCAL cutting with the font "chop-a-block" I cut baby boy in two shades of blue. With some fore thought and the new product I purchased...."stick it"...I could easily peel and adhere the layers for this block font.

Using copy weight paper I scored and folded the medallions. I'm still undecided on what to put on the top...the three lion cubs but what else...I'm not sure...

These pendants are so fun to make. Layering many elements and embellishments.

Cutting one-sies and rubber duckies along with overalls, pacifiers, umbrellas,  stars, clouds and teddy bears, had me playing with design and layout.

I used tulle to thread through the grommets and string this's still a work in progress. I have until February 28th to complete it. I'm not sure how the medallions will get worked in...or how I will top them. I'll leave it sit out...and new ideas will marinate. So stay tuned I'll take pictures at the shower with the finished banner.

I'll probably use any extra elements for re-cycled gift bags and tags and such. I could get carried away with fun. I'm now thinking the medallions could be a banner with the babies name spelled out...and the other nautical one could be home decor...or for pages in a scrap book...there are not mistakes...just new opportunities.

Thanks for your interest. Comments and questions will be acknowledged with a return visit.
Be well and God bless ~ Carole


Baby boy banner in nautical blues    WOYWW?#295
Greetings...friends and fellow's been a couple of months since I've played along...but life happens. 

Do you save packaging cardstock? I do and I use it many different ways. Here I'm using it to glue these printed lion cubs on...then I'll cut it out and ink the edges. This gives it dimension and stability as well as a pretty back side.

Also for anyone interested in more details about this project you can find that here

 Thanks for stopping by and if you leave a comment and your # I'll return the favor. 
Be well and God bless ~ Carole