Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pumpkin Cottages

Greetings, I just wanted to share these adorable pumpkin cottages I made using files from SVGCuts. I knew right away I wanted to do another one and I'm not done yet. The papers and embossing makes each one unique and special.

My Cricut is over 7 years old and did a funky cut...I played with the dials and cutter and  the next project cuts were good. I'll have to start thinking about replacing it...or not. New technology to learn... challenging!

This is my favorite so far...I'm already planning a Christmas Cottage. 
Hope you're well and can find joy in this time of turmoil.  

Saturday, February 11, 2017

I haven't blogged for a year

I haven't blogged for a year, so when I pulled up my blog and looked at the stats...I have more views per day than ever before. Average 190 views...6,602 last month. Wow! I'm thinking it has to do with Pinterest...I get emails when someone likes or pins my cards. Recently I've received many hits on my doggie symapthy card. I understand the sorrow of loosing a pet so that's no surprise.

This pocket card is a favorite of mine...for more detail I cut all those little circles ...with the Cricut of course....then linked them all together. sticky fun.
The pocket watch comes in a denim pocket, and has a pocket to add your greeting. Perfect for a retirement celebration.

Up next is a 23 inch Eifel Tower from SVGCuts...as proud I am of making it...I probably wouldn't make another one.


Now I remember why I stopped blogging... it takes so much time....it's difficult to format ...or it's what I don't know...either way it challenging...dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, life altering events, loss of family and friends is another reason... but I still find joy in crafting...technology not so much.

This carriage is from SVG CUTS " Enchanted Autumn"...isn't it adorable?...the 10 year old girl that it was gifted to was delighted and counted every rhinestone and pearl, several times. It would be a delightful gift with a promise ring inside.

I love this gazebo too! I donated it for a charity event.

I made this for my granddaughter Laney...the cap was made around a purple box. The purple box I made when she was born...and every time she would visit I would have some treat, toy or puzzle in the box. As she got older I would hide it somewhere and give her a map of where to look for the box and then discover what's inside. So many memories...so much fun.

I would love to hear from some of the people that are viewing, or just a reaction at the end of the blog
funny...interesting...cool...That's all for now.
Be well ~ Carole

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Black & White gift package... cards with lined envelopes

Greetings; and thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my collection.

I purchased a 6 X 6" black & white paper pad from MFT and went on a tangent. I love.... Black & White...yet I might go back and add a little color...
perhaps pink lips.

Polka dots and stripes how fun.

I've been cutting Eiffel Towers preparing for a spring time in Paris fashion show. I will add this collection to a raffle basket.

I'll include a variety of sentiments stamped on a banner or label,
 to be used as needed. Oops...I forgot to take pics of them.

This is my favorite.

This pic shows the package front featuring the wine bottle and glass...next up is the pkg opened with some cards in place. The envelopes will sit in front of the striped liner.

This collection was fun to make and I hope the recipient will use these cards to share kind words.
Be well ~ Carole

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentines and more... plus a mail box

Greeting dear visitors, thanks for stopping by.
 I'll be brief cause my arm and wrist ache when I type...

but that doesn't stop me from making cards. 

Love this pearly aqua paper...such quality and sheen.

I had this cased card on my Pinterest board "Cards I want to recreate"
 I can always find inspiration there...but some times 
I'm there too long, so much to see. 

While looking through my papers I pull out sheets that I want to 
work  with and then a card develops with the die cuts I have at hand. 
Love the tiny labels cut from a 6 X 6" paper pad.
 I just might cut a tiny piece off a sheet of cork, to top off the bottle. 

 I'm always drawn to shiny things so of course I love these die cuts from foil. The flourish is easy to bend and drops of glossy accents bubble with delight. Embossed with hearts though difficult to see...then  sealed with a kiss.

This card sings I love you.

The mail box below looks better IRL. 
The camera picks up the shiny glue...
oh well it was fun to make with the grandkids.

That's all for now. Be safe and warm and well~Carole

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year

Greetings peeps...I awoke Friday January 1, 2016 with an upper respiratory infection, screaming sore throat, explosive sneezes (that hurt) along with other side effects. After 5 days in bed I'm celebrating being mobile, and putting my new motto to work....
"Do What You Love Every Day" with an amendment (when able)

 First up is the negative cut. I used Square One reposition-able self stick fabric. I covered black card stock with the fabric placing the "innies" to complete the words. 

Below are the positive cuts. Not sure what I'll do with these yet.

A black and white sympathy card. "With Sympathy" is embossed on 
the right side ( barely visible) and embellished with a wink of stella.

 Again this is the negative cut adhered to the white layer 
with the "innie" glued between the stems.

 Lining the envelope adds weight and interest.

Here's the positive cut layered on white and black card stock.
FYI: the black card stock is the packaging from Darice embossing folders. 
Fun and frugal...plus it's quality card stock.
The right side is embossed for some texture.

Together Yin and Yang. If you have to make one sympathy card why not two? This appeals to me black and white,  positive and negative...probably because I'm a Pisces, two fish going in opposite directions.

I'd be delighted to hear from you. Questions and comments are welcome.
Signing off wishing you well ~ Carole

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My favorite card this year

Hello and thanks for popping in...This is my favorite card this year...is it the color...the sheen...the texture...it's all that and the simplicity. Embossed and embellished with pearls this pearlescent paper sings. The inside has photo corners that hold a removable card to write you personal message. The left corner has a triangle pocket to slip in a gift card, cash,  check or an additional personal message.

What can I say?   It's a Happy Birthday card...sealed with a kiss.

This is a card I'm sending to someone recovering from knee surgery...in Florida....that loves pizza and his motorcycle rides...wishing him sunshine and a happy ride.

Can you believe I popped all those little blue spots in the negative space surrounding this oval? Love the details!

Well that's all folks.....my arm is screaming...but it's been a real good time. Ending the year and planning a better one ahead. Be well ~ Carole

A parade of beautifully embossed and embellished cards

Greetings and salutations....wishes for splendid New Year! With gratitude and appreciation I offer a collection of quality card stock manipulated and embellished to express my visions of delightful fun. First up corrugated texture enhances this simple design. It needs a sentiment...any ideas?

I have an abundance of jewels I need to find a way to use. This scalloped oval only reduces the supply by 24. I'm not done with this card....I envision a die cut word or sentiment across the foiled insert. 

I'm just not done with shaker cards....I love the interaction...the need to shake it up!

I'm in love with embossing folders....they make such an impact...dimension and interest.
Glossy accents create bubbles. Smack more impact with a kiss of red glossy lips.

This darling little deer promotes pride for any accomplishment. So dear. 

Crisp die cuts embedded in negative cuts provide an expression of quality and design. Simplicity.

Again quality paper deeply embossed adds so much texture and interest in this simple masculine design.

Don't you just want to touch this card...run you finger over the deeply embossed paper...feel the sentiment expressed.

This collection is all about the texture...positive and negative spaces adding interest and tactile sensations.

This deeply embossed card needs something else...any suggestions?

Again fun getting out older tools to work some interest in texture and design. Does this evoke wistful dreams? Grand possibilities?

At the close of another year I gratefully pause to wish you a warm and happy and healthy New Year. With gratitude and appreciation....Hugs ~ Carole

"What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 343

What a hot mess...notice how I just keeping shoving everything to the side. I've been busy card making but I haven't spent much time on the computer (short story: cataracts and shoulder pain) I've had my eye surgeries but the wrist and shoulder pain persists making it difficult to type...but I'm gonna have a snoop...to see what you're surrounded by. 

Be well ~ Carole

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Invitations to a tea party I'm hosting

Greetings my friend and a Happy New Year wish for peace and prosperity.
 I woke this morning with this idea forming in my mind. 
I've invited some ladies to lunch after the holidays.
It will be a fine time to share stories of our families visits and enjoy the gifts they are.

I plan on serving a sampling of shrimp bisque, crab quiche with fresh fruit.
 Our friend from the local Woman's Club...Katharine Nelson (treasurer)
is the daughter of  " Nelson's Ice Cream"family so she'll be bringing the ice cream we'll enjoy along with some delightful cookies.

 I knew I wanted to do a place setting...and I knew the color scheme....I will serve on cobalt blue dish ware and our walls are a soft buttery yellow with an accent wall of dark navy blue. Perfect.

I started making the yellow toppers and tried several embossing folders to have more fun. I did all the die cuts and imagined the labels as place mats. The inside is a computer generated invitation with the date and time included. 

I even made the envelopes, lined them with foiled wrapping paper and embossed the flap.
The front needed some swirly curly embellishment so I used the negative cut from a swirl and stenciled the shape with blue ink. Not that's how I have fun on a cold rainy wet day. The sunshine yellow cheers me up. I hope you're well and enjoying your life. ~Carole