Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WOYWW #275

Head over to the Stamping Ground and join the fun.

Another box card and pondering whether I should add the dragon fly.

I got caught up reading Julia's red faced tale and now it's after 10 am...time to stumble around and see what you're creating. If you leave a comment I'll be happy to return the soon as time allows. Thanks and be well ~ Carole

Monday, September 8, 2014


I used the font [freebooter script] to write and cut this word [hugs] in the SCAL program. I cut quite a few so I can layer them for more dimension and punch. I think it's the perfect sentiment for this fun graphic design inspired by an insert in the Sunday paper... the bow is a die cut...the hat, boots and cane I hand cut, then layered with glossy accents.

Before the craft room redo I was having a blast making box cards...using the SVGCuts Summer Box can see them here: and here: 

I've decided to revisit this fun template. The B&W 70th birthday card below has photo corners holding the folded note... for a personal message....there are so many surface for embellishment I could get carried away. There's a banner for a name and a dragonfly and of course the envelope.

Next up a tropical fish fantasy. Starting with blue metallic card stock then layering with a watery blue/white glossy paper [made with alcohol inks]. 
I used some mica for the front bottom with some sea grass and a turtle. All the cuts are from SVGCuts tropical friends. I often use watercolor paper and then color with alcohol inks or markers.

I love Pinterest...adding cards by some of my favorite designers to return to later is always an inspiration. I saw this card by Loll Thomas ...go ahead and look at it...and came up with this.

Birgit does some jaw dropping creations too and they stay in my mind in some form, so I'm sure this was inspired by her but I can not find a link to share. So sorry.

That's all for now...have a great week and be sure to take time to play!
Be well~ Carole

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WOYW? W #274

 To discover what this is all about click the link above and join the fun.

I slept 'til 8 am. and Our Woman's Club board meeting is today so this will be brief.
Inspired by a graphic in the Sunday cartons I reproduced this fun design for a masculine card. 

There [top of the pic] is that long packaging angled cardboard that protected the corners of the file cabinet I ordered. I cut off a piece and using the hot glue gun, wrote out WOYWW. I was just playing around...I'm not sure what will develop. I'm not even sure why the empty ribbon spool is there...I sometimes have a difficult time discarding something that I might find useful at sometime or other.

That's all for now...I'll be happy to return a visit if a comment is left. I only have an hour to snoop around but I'll be back this afternoon.

Be well ~ Carole

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunflower Thank You Cards and a tour.

My daughter asked for 6 thank you cards using the sunflower as a focal. I loaded the Cricut with white AC card stock and cut a whole sheet of sunflowers, then I ran a butterscotch ink pad over them and layered the petals and the embossed brown circles. I played with other die cuts and punches. I really tricked these cards out with swirls and twirls and tags oh boy, then I added photo corners to the inside and a piece of card stock stamped with a dragonfly for a personal you could recycle the card by replacing the envelope and the insert. I lined the envelopes and stamped and colored 3 tiny bees with sparkly wings. So fun to detail.

Do you see the display base?.. it's an inset from a display box I found at the grocery store in the Hallmark section. I thought the box would make a good spray booth and I saw possibilities for the slats.

Do you save cardboard? I do. I have a collection that comes in handy many times.

Now if you're interested I invite you to a tour of my space... my craft room redo...The file cabinet arrived on Friday afternoon...ready to be assembled. 

Mr Bill and I went to Staples and Target looking for a file cabinet...and good golly gosh they're pricey. And they didn't have a 2 drawer white I went on line and found one for about $50.00 less with free delivery. 

Well... I've assembled many desks and shelves in my life time but this was the most challenging. The pictures of the parts are helpful but they're to small my aging eyes. I believe this is another one of those things that I will probably never do again. I'll pay the $$$ and be thankful to the person that assembled it. I worked on it for 4 hours Friday and completed it on Saturday after 4 more hours studying the parts and trying to make sense of it all. It's sturdy and mobile and it even has a wheel on the drawer...and I built it and I learned a lesson.

With the file cabinet complete and the room once again reconfigured I found room to create a sewing area. Sew So now there is a possibility... that I might...thread that baby up for a test run. It was always a challenge to find the space to pull this machine out. I've often admired the stitch work my friend Cely adds to her so she probably has a designated area.

I love this table top...lots of room to sprawl...everything within reach...up- down- over-and under, everything crafty. I know a Big Shot and a Cuttlebug....I like the Big Shot for the Sizzix box dies...and the Cuttlebug for the thin dies. I've been collecting these tools for decades...and always using a 40% or 50% off coupon, so it's all worth twice as much to me.

Mr. Bill even commented that I have a lot of STUFF...all the better to play all day. Hehe!

Now for the office side of the, bills and budgets...boring....
printer, Cricut, desk top....connectivity=creativity...craft on! 

Thanks for visiting, my hope is, you'll find some inspiration or motivation. Let me know if you have any questions or leave a comment and I'll return the visit. Be well ! Carole

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On my desk are 2 of my all time favorite cards...the pop up piano and the pocket watch. I'm settling in my re-designed craft room and so I've come across many projects I want to complete. The black and white altered gadget box houses trinkets, charms and mementos. 5 other  cards to be completed...a back to school card...and a thinking of you, I will complete them and line the envelopes.

Do you see the little crocheted booties? I made them some time ago and still don't know what to do with them.

I love black and white because of the impact of adding a bright and bold color design...pops out as a surprise.

Here's a shot of the desk end with a magnetic board and shelves. I picked up the white lazy Susan shelf at Good Will this morning. $.97, perfect for my sprays and applicators.

Notice the liqueur was Gran Mariner, now it holds an orange cleaner "Goo Gone". I use the little sea sponge to dab sticky fingers and tools and it looks so cute and handy too.

I'll send this to my friend mourning a family loss. BTW...I used a black hot glue stick and gun to attach some elements to the altered boxes. I wanted to empty the rest of the loaded stick so I made dots swirling the hot glue around and lifting off to make another...after they cooled I added one to the flower and the other is an oval just resting on the envelope. 

Here's a picture of the pocket watch opened revealing a pocket to write a note. The piano card has a tab that pulls out for a special message...and there are 2 hot glue dots.

So that's what's on my desk...what's on your's? 
Want to play along click the title link to WOYWW and join the fun.

Be well~ Carole

Monday, August 25, 2014

Craft room re designed...Happy girl

You might not be surprised that I painted my remodeled craft room a cool minty green-blue coastal color. When I decided to paint the room before the laminate floors were installed the first color that caught my eye was this lovely shade named ionic sky. Very close to the background shade of my blog...and very similar to my watery screen saver. I favor the cool color tones of blue and green. 

 That's my 60" table top I bought on Craigs list for $35.00. LOVE it. Lots of room. I might even get out my sewing machine. Open space creates more options to play.

Sitting on the table top is a magnetic board with do list: start making magnetic buttons to attach cute little embellishments. Eyes on reminder.

I've built several cubes and drawer units as well as sort through all the plastic bins I've collected over the years. Everything is easily rearranged with plenty of open space to share.

I repainted this book shelve for storage and display. That's a MS box on top ...covered with some beautiful paper recycled from a gift. Have I revealed my passion for boxes? If I come across a good sturdy cardboard box I will keep it and eventually use it for storage or alter it with decorations. There are several boxes and bins about that are home to many organized items. Can you see my Scrabble box?

Here's a closeup. 

This decades old Scrabble game has been host to may conversation and challenges over the years...many years on a weekly visit with a dear friend from days gone by. Many games, many memories, so it's only right to honor the years of service with this altered box. 

Sometime ago I purchased a thrift store Scrabble game...obviously never used...thinking I would use the letters for some crafty thing...well as I unpacked my old Scrabble game I noticed the [repaired with duck tape] corners were split having this large open space to work with I rolled out some Kraft paper and covered the lid.

It has a leather like look so I reinforced the corners with black duct tape. 
It's a treasure box of memories.

 I opened the thrift store game and dumped the letters on the lid. As these words revealed themselves I rearranged and shuffled them as more words appeared affirming an intuitive influence.

I've pulled out a few more embellishments I want to add so it is a work in process. Very fun! No rhyme or reason...just sparks of ideas and inspiration. If there's an interest I will re post alterations.

Back to the do over...I'm still waiting for a file cabinet and some shelves to be delivered. That will help complete this office side of the craft room. The space feels's bright with room to move...not complete but it works for now.

I'm happy that I'm facing the door while I work. I'm looking forward to using this space to play, blog and visit all ya'll. 

Till then and always be well. ~Carole

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ziggy's Flintstone Pig Roast

Greetings dear readers,
This is a journal of our road trip this weekend...I'm still designing and arranging my crafty no new crafts to share yet. My plan is to make this a quick post compiling some pictures and memories to be edited and embellished at a later date.

Road trip to Flintstone MD bordering on PA. We took the Pa turnpike north then headed for Hancock MD. ..over the mountains and through the tunnels.

Our destination...first stop "The Road Kill Cafe" under new ownership and freshly white washed. We stopped to pick up the key to the cabin we reserved. $50.00 a night includes two double beds, a picnic table, gun rack, dresser with dish TV, an under counter fridge and a microwave next to the sink and mirror. The bathroom includes a toilet, a shower and a hot water heater along with some rodent poison. Better then tenting by far...simple creature comforts.
 The Road Kill Cafe offers meals and groceries, sometime gasoline and ammunition...that is when business is good.

Next stop Ziggy's R&R Retreat. It's a mountain top property looking down on a pond. A pole barn with large garage doors. This is where Zig stores and restored his 57' chevy.

E nuff 4 now...back to work. Check in next time I'll post pic's of the progress.
Be well and happy !

Friday, July 11, 2014

Winners and time out

Congratulations to the winners of my 3 year blog-aversary. 
Nikky and Diane your parcels are on the way.
Greetings and I welcome my new followers sure to leave a comment so I can return the visit.
Have you noticed my absence? My head is spinning. We are having the carpeting in my craft room replaced with a laminate floor. I have 2 weeks to break it down and remove everything in this room.

I'm excited and overwhelmed. Over the years I've destroyed too many of the plastic mats, so I'll be happy roll with ease. We originally used this space as a spare room for the occasional out of town took years to claim it as my space, yet as I acquired more and more tools, supplies and products it became obvious. This is not a welcoming place to spend the night, but the couches are available.

I'm excited because I get to design a space that works for me....instead of adapting to what was here. The difficult part is packing up the room and organizing the all those tools and supplies.
I've got to pick up some boxes and get back to it...

That explains what's keeping me from blogging.
Stay well my friends and rejoice, life is good.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WOYWW #263 my opinion!

I posted the picture below last week but didn't know what was going on. It seems our fabulous hostess was hospitalized.  Julia I hope you have recovered and that you are well and thriving. Congratulations on the 5 years of creating community across the world.

Now to highlight my fun mail: Thank you Regina, your envelope looks like a tire ran over it but it arrived in tact. It's so bright and colorful. Did you use a stencil and embossing paste for the bumped up embellishment?

Krisha decorated and laminated the envelope,so sweet. She included a fun and funny u-tube stamped card as well as the atc in an envelope.

Nan sent a delightful array of papers along with her professional atc card...sorry for the poor photo. I was only half awake...thanks so much Nan.

Below Birgita sent this wonderful tree card with tiny sparkling leaves, 
along with the swapped atc... a miniature work of paradise art. 

Darnell's delightful little purse titled "LITS" is too short. I love the sweet enamel dots. 

Sandra de from Australia sent the atc in the upper right corner along with 
the beautiful water color pictured below. 

This watercolor is so soft and lovely...big bonus prize. 

I'll be celebrating my 3rd year of blogging on June 22, 2014. To celebrate and to entice you to comment I'll be offering a gift package of die cuts and embellishments... all you have to do is make a request. What would you like???? butterflies, turtles, frogs, teddy bears , rocking horses, kitty cats? Perhaps something exotic. I'll see what I can do.

 The number of random winners will be determined by the number of comments and requests. So if you would like to have some blog candy 
just let me know by leaving a comment or request.

Want to play along? Find out all you need to know here:
I can't believe it took 2 hours to get this done...I'm off to snoop about and see what I can discover. Are you brave enough to show us your desk?
Be well ~ Carole

Sunday, June 15, 2014

NBUS #1 Challenge at Darnell's Playhouse

To celebrate the Queen of the blog-asphere's reaching 500 followers.... and still growing... Darnell is offering a challenge...check it out here  then come join the fun. I know after reading her quirky words you'll be following her too!

This piano card is from the Summer Box Collection at SVGCuts... pretty simple. I added black enamel accents to the keys, the legs and the stool to jazz it up.The flowers are stickers I've had for years so I think it qualifies for Darnell's challenge NBUS "Never before Used Schtuff" The top hat I made and covered with glossy accents and a bit of a broken chain. I'm still looking for tiny music print.

Up next is the Festive House. Very patriotic... it looks like July...with hydrangeas blooming.

 I'm not the best photographer... but maybe you can see the stickles sparkling on the fence and arch...and some on the sun peeking out from behind the tree. 

Below is a cute little girl's tea party using the plain box svg and adding my own embellishments. Scraps and bits used for the panels and a fence paper punch. "TEA" is made using MS mold and clay.(NBUS) That's glued to a sheet of acetate as well as the dress and purse sticker. The tea pot and cup are bits left from our celebration. A MS pink floral sticker and die cut from SB. NBUS

Gosh I don't know what I did but my font got very small and I've got to fix it. I hope you join the fun at Darnell's Playhouse.

Be well and please do leave a comment. Thank you