Saturday, February 11, 2017

I haven't blogged for a year

I haven't blogged for a year, so when I pulled up my blog and looked at the stats...I have more views per day than ever before. Average 190 views...6,602 last month. Wow! I'm thinking it has to do with Pinterest...I get emails when someone likes or pins my cards. Recently I've received many hits on my doggie symapthy card. I understand the sorrow of loosing a pet so that's no surprise.

This pocket card is a favorite of mine...for more detail I cut all those little circles ...with the Cricut of course....then linked them all together. sticky fun.
The pocket watch comes in a denim pocket, and has a pocket to add your greeting. Perfect for a retirement celebration.

Up next is a 23 inch Eifel Tower from proud I am of making it...I probably wouldn't make another one.


Now I remember why I stopped blogging... it takes so much's difficult to format ...or it's what I don't know...either way it challenging...dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, life altering events, loss of family and friends is another reason... but I still find joy in not so much.

This carriage is from SVG CUTS " Enchanted Autumn"...isn't it adorable?...the 10 year old girl that it was gifted to was delighted and counted every rhinestone and pearl, several times. It would be a delightful gift with a promise ring inside.

I love this gazebo too! I donated it for a charity event.

I made this for my granddaughter Laney...the cap was made around a purple box. The purple box I made when she was born...and every time she would visit I would have some treat, toy or puzzle in the box. As she got older I would hide it somewhere and give her a map of where to look for the box and then discover what's inside. So many much fun.

I would love to hear from some of the people that are viewing, or just a reaction at the end of the blog's all for now.
Be well ~ Carole


  1. Wow, so many creations and so fun. Really darling fur baby card. The pocket watch is so unique and cute for someone special. I love the Eifel Tower and yes I made one also, but one is enough. lol I'm sure the little girl that receive the carriage will treasure it for sure. Lovely gazebo and pretty flower trim. What a cute story about the cap and box. You did a marvelous job with all the details and all. I'm sure your granddaughter has lots of wonderful memories. What a great grandma! :) Yes it does take a lot of time to post a blog, let alone creating all the projects and picture editing. I just finished a post on my blog here and am tired now. haha Hope your doing alright and look forward to seeing what you create next. Happy crafting my friend!

  2. I think I missed some of these fab cards and projects. Yes, formatting and all that good stuff takes time and can take over your life before you know it.

  3. Wonderful projects...your Eiffel Tower is just amazing! Good to see your blogging again. I know what you mean about the time it takes...and If I don't post for a while...I forget how to do it...even after all these years of blogging.


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