Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My favorite card this year

Hello and thanks for popping in...This is my favorite card this it the color...the sheen...the's all that and the simplicity. Embossed and embellished with pearls this pearlescent paper sings. The inside has photo corners that hold a removable card to write you personal message. The left corner has a triangle pocket to slip in a gift card, cash,  check or an additional personal message.

What can I say?   It's a Happy Birthday card...sealed with a kiss.

This is a card I'm sending to someone recovering from knee Florida....that loves pizza and his motorcycle rides...wishing him sunshine and a happy ride.

Can you believe I popped all those little blue spots in the negative space surrounding this oval? Love the details!

Well that's all arm is screaming...but it's been a real good time. Ending the year and planning a better one ahead. Be well ~ Carole


  1. Nice cards I like the black-and-white. Happy new year. Peg 38

  2. Lovely cards. You have been very creative.
    April #44

  3. Super cards! Happy New Year to you and yours. Take care Zo xx 30

  4. Again, all your cards are wonderful. I really like the color on the first one.
    Carole, I'm going to try and send you an email...

  5. Really nice cards, and each one so different. Hope you enjoy the next crafting session and share your cards.
    Happy New Year
    Hugs, Neet xx


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