Friday, May 11, 2012

Simply Formal

Another card inspired by lime doodle
Simple yet formal. I love it. Bow ties are cool!

I added 1/4" score lines below the tie and used sticker lettering with rhinestones. The first one I made I used white card stock and covered it. Then I tried just using the black card stock and adding photo corners to the inside for the white insert. Quick and easy, gotta love that.

I sold 7 wedding cards at our Woman's Club luncheon and fashion show, and had requests for 3 more. I was delighted when they asked about the price, and no one objected when I boldly said $10.00 each. They most know that the time and detail for an original personalized card with a lined envelope would sell commercially for far more. So I'm happy to create some income to contribute to the expense of my passion for creating cards.
  I've designed so many white on white cards...and I love them.  By adding texture, dimension  and embellishments you add so much interest. But now I had to try something different. I think silver is a nice touch and glitter tape for some bling.  I used a SB oval to cut the window and added the silver backing, then I embossed it and added the birds and the floral sprays.

Black white and silver looks very modern to me. Playing around with the same design but tweaking it so it's unique I cut the oval window and  made it a top fold card. I really do have a hard time creating duplicate cards. I'm not very fond of this card...but it might appeal to someone.

  Crooked Card Creations  posted a beautiful heart shaped easel card that I just loved, using weaved ribbon.  So I learned how to weave ribbon by watching the u tube video link she provided.  It's pretty easy and creates a very elegant result. I plan on creating some cards using this weaved ribbon as so as I come up with a design.

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing." ~ Aristotle

Until next time be well. Carole


  1. I agree that black, white and silver are very modern and your cards are gorgeous. Thanks for the shout out :)

  2. Hi Carol, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving me a comment. It is so nice to have feedback. now I can see your creations and I love what you have done with the birds and the weaving of ribbon. Pinterest sure is a wonderful thing as we can pop to the blog and see who made it.


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