Sunday, April 29, 2012

5 Star Masculine card inspired by Pinterest

This 5 star masculine card was inspired by a posting on Pinterest. Here's the link . I couldn't recreate the exact same card...but this is noticeably similar. I love Birgits's card, the simplicity is a wow factor.  So nice to find masculine card ideas. I like my spin on it...but I really love her design.

This is my second posting for today. I cleaned up after completing the wedding cards and still have time to play.

I'm continually surprised at how my desk turns into utter chaos so quickly. Paper - punches- dies- ribbon- brads-scissors - ruler - tape- glue - score board - cuttlebug- etc. Just to make a card. And then knowing everything has a place it all gets put away with incredible speed. I  must restore order  before I can continue with a new project, otherwise my mind is a scattered as my work space.

I wanted to share this found treasure I bought for $1.00 each at a local thrift store. The boards read: Purchased by mail from: Home-Sew, Bethlehem, PA.
And then on the bottom: Free Sewing Supply Catalog on Request ____25____ yards. It looks old, but who knows?

I love these cotton eyelet edgings and the ecru crochet like lace. Now I will have to keep them in mind for new project. So often when I buy something wonderful like this, if I put it away I'll forget about it. Then when I'm looking through my stash of stuff I find it and I'm delighted once more.

Be well my friend and craft on.


  1. Hi Carole,

    Haha! I'm delighted to find I'm not the only one who has supplies encroaching on her work space. Love your new lace finds.

    Just wanted to pop over and say thank you for your visit. I'm so pleased you are enjoying the paper art. Wishing you a blissful day. ;)

    Cheers! =D

  2. Carole, I'm jealous of your lace find from that thrift store! I'm not too too far from Bethlehem PA. :)

    The star card is so neat! Sometimes masculine cards just don't look all that appealing (sorry, guys!), but I like yours a bunch. :)


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