Sunday, April 29, 2012

More wedding cards

Wow I'm not particularly good at taking a white on white picture, my skills lie elsewhere. Yet I did go back and try again using a blue background. I hope you can see the quality and details of these embossed and dimensional cards. There's ribbon-lace-pearls-petals birds-hearts and rings.

Pictured behind is the hand made envelope, lined with satin type paper with a border punched edge.

I created these detailed wedding cards for friends, keeping in mind one is for a grandson's wedding. How wonderful to receive a very special card created just for your wedding day as a keepsake from your Grandmother maybe to put in a scrapbook for future generations to know something of her love for family.
I'm not sure which card she'll pick - so the printed name label is not permanently attached.

The next photo shows the inside pocket and a velum overlay with a love quote and best wishes printed in grey.

The floral spray is to cover the adhesive used to attach the velum.

Layers of paper, punched and die cut, embossed and embellished. There are several elements that were both time consuming and fun. If I were to sell them for profit they would cost at least $25.00 - what do you think? What's the value of a keepsake?

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get-
only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything."
Katharine Hepburn.

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  1. It is SO difficult to photograph white on white! Still, I can see the details on your super elegant creations. They are beautiful!


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