Friday, May 11, 2012

Heart Easel Card

I'm back with a second posting for today. I'm happy to say after viewing a tutorial on a butterfly easel card I figured out how to do a heart easel. I kept this pretty simple because the weaved ribbon is so elegant. White satin with pearls on a dotted Swiss embossed background... simply divine. I used silver stickers for the inside and 3 pieces of a silver embellishment I found in the ribbon department of our local craft store.


The next photo shows the card closed and the third photo gives you a glimpse inside.

The "Congratulations" sticker looks crocked in the photo but it's just the ribbon needs to be adjusted.

I will be able to recreate this card pretty quickly...that is if I duplicate it with out any change.. There's always room for improvement but I'm delighted with this card. What do you think?

"The creative adult is the child who survived" ~ U. LeGuin

Thanks for stopping by...craft on;)

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