Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My 1st Craft Fair

 Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center Craft Fair.

 This was my display-I have a lot to learn about how to catch someone's attention that's for sure. I tried to create a table scape with different levels but a 6 foot table doesn't offer very much space. I cut a 3 fold display board in half-(so I could see over it) then added my Carole's Creative Critters sign.

On each of the side folds I attached 4 clear acetate boxes with self adhesive Velcro squares, so they can be removed and the board folded flat. I displayed other boxed collections, step cards, pop up cards, shaped cards and easel cards to offer a variety.

On the higher level I displayed the little birds houses, a lantern and other 3D paper projects. I had a clip board for guests to write down their email addresses if interested in joining my blog, or taking classes. For that they  received a free paper rose.

17 ladies signed up, a few requested a make and take card for the Red Hats February luncheon meeting, while others wanted classes on different techniques, and to learn how to make a paper rose. Pretty good. I entered all the emails now I hope they will confirm the subscriptions.

I priced all the sealed cards with colored dots, then displayed the price of each color. $2.00-$4.00-$5.00 cheaper then Hallmark yet handmade. My intention was to get rid of them... but people weren't buying. I did make some petty cash and covered the cost of the table.

The best part is my friend Anne was there to support me. She made her famous Russian snow ball almond cookies. 2 little snowballs in a clear bag tied up with a pretty polka dot ribbon, beautifully displayed in a hat box with a little mouse mascot offering them for free. Now how great is that?

I did meet and socialize with some amazing people, talented and generous with helpful suggestions and advise. I do consider the fair to be a successful event. Will I do it again? Oh yea I'll try it again you just never know, it could be way better.  Next time maybe I'll use pretty table clothes instead of a sheet, and create a sign for the front with fabric. Do you have any ideas to share? I'd love to hear about them.

A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.  
~Chinese Proverb 

Be well my friend and thanks for stopping by. I value your feedback.


  1. Hi Carole! I think your table setup looks great with the board behind and the different levels- only thing I would suggest is a bit more colour-like a vibrantly coloured sheet for your table so that the items stand out more. It's very frustrating trying to sell cards- people don't send cards like they used to and if they do they can buy them so cheaply at discount stores.
    Maybe try some gift type items next time? Sounds like you made some good contacts though!

  2. It's good to see how you laid out your table, Carole. I love how your sign turned out and the way you displayed things on your table. I agree with Robyn about a colored cover, but not too loud so as to detract from your creations.

    I'm sorry you didn't have better luck selling the cards, but it sounds like you came away from it feeling positive and I'm happy to hear that. It's a lot of work for the "you never know" aspect of it, but it's nice for the socializing and networking. I hope folks follow up with you.

    Do you have to wait a year for the next fair, or is there another one soon?

  3. Boy, people can be tough customers, can't they? I think your display is lovely, Carole. Your prices can't be beat. I tried a craft fair just once, last year. I came away with about $120, so did get rid of some inventory. However, I went home with more than I sold! My prices were right around yours. I hear from other crafters who do the whole craft fair circuit that location is very important. Location in the craft fair, as well as location OF the craft fair. Apparently, mine wasn't a real rocker. ;) Better luck when you do it again! Don't give up!

  4. Personally Carole, I think your table was very attractive and had a variety of beautiful projects, cards, etc. I even did a close up of your table and I wish I was there to touch...haha Gosh, what was wrong with those people! The prices were more than fair. As long as you walked away happy and feeling good is all that matters. I think you did an awesome job.


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