Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebrating a shared birthday

Top of the Morn' to ya.  
Tis' a fine St. Patrick's Day here in Limerick, PA. 

Today I'm posting shaped cards made for my birthday twins...yes that's right, I had male-female twins born on my 25th birthday March 19th... 40 years ago. 
I called it family planning? 

Well it was a wonderful experience, watching the differences in their development, motor skills and speech. I could talk about all that for hours, but there are things to be done.

Named after their father and myself, we call them by their middle names. Anne and Brent. Jump ahead several years-first born-Anne was a stay at home Mom. When her daughter, Laney (my first granddaughter) started school Anne chose to drive a school bus. She figured that would work out well, they'd always have the same days off.  I made her this bus shaped card and wrote on the bumper 
"This bus driver ROCKS". Anne is a fun and energetic Mom always laughing and playing music...loud.

 Lynn Pratt is the designer of these vehicle shaped cards. She offers dozens of tutorials for amazing projects- just click on her name to find the link.


Born 6 minutes after Anne, Brent has had to deal with having 3 sisters picking on him all his life. I think that had a lot to do with his sense of humor. 

Brent served with the 82nd Air Borne division at Fort Bragg, NC. He traveled far and wide often escorting high ranking  military officers through Europe. After serving for 4 years and breaking his leg, unable to jump out of airplanes he returned home. 

Fast forward several years. Brent became an apprentice for an electric company. He got married and is now a foreman, and the  father of my 2 youngest grandchildren- Rylee-6  and Wyatt-5.  I made his card to look like a military jeep. You know they are twins... so the cards had to have similarities. The twins remain very close and live just 5 miles apart. Anne is hosting a party for us today at her new home.

 Here's the baby card I made for the Godmother of Scott- born March 12th. I'm really enjoying working with baby cards. It's like playing paper dolls.I can play and play all day!

"So long as you are learning, you are not growing old. It's when a man stops learning that he begins to grow old." Joseph Hergesheimer

I'm still learning.  Thanks for stopping by.

I'll be back soon to post some photos of the beautiful gifts my sister Deborah made 
just for me.
 Be well, Carole


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  2. These two extra special cards are a delight for the eye. I bet your twins loved them! It's great to have a window on and be a small part of your creative process. The shaped cards are very interesting to look at and I imagine were fun (and difficult) to do. Clever that you put the personalization on the bumper. Now perhaps a bumper car card? Keep on crafting, Carole. You are improving by leaps and bounds. . . .


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