Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthdays gifts

Silver fish for a Pisces birthday. I'm wearing them now. So fun and whimsical. Just one of 4 sets my sister made and sent to me. She's over the top, said she couldn't decide which to send, so she sent all four.

The next necklace is very stylish and long. Deborah said she was inspired seeing the  jewelry worn by a leading lady in a movie she watched. Perhaps it was the 20's. I love black and silver so that's what she keeps in mind when she creates for me. This necklace is about 25" long-so it's hard to get a good picture. I'm getting better at taking pictures of the cards I make, but this was challenging.  This blog is challenging too! The font keeps changing and I can't seem to line up the paragraphs.  I most be missing something. It's always what you don't don't know.
This photo has the necklace bunched up so you can see the beautiful clusters of beads. The sweet little heart tag reads: from Deborah to Carole, and on the back it reads: crafted and designed for you with    love.  I really love this set and will wear it the next time I lunch at    the Country Club.                                                                                      
The third set is just so precious, and trendy. The delicate blue and pearl and silver beads are a great contrast to the statement flower rectangles. I'm sure to get noticed and receive compliments when wearing these.                                                                                           
The last set has a vintage feel with  aged gold tones and flat bottom pearls encased in a simple setting. I'm sorry it's not a good photo, the pearls look like white beads.                            
 I love them all and I've told my sister I have them hung from the finial of a lamp on my         dresser so I won't forget I have them. I'll see them and be reminded to wear them and         remember Darling Deborah. I blessed to have two sisters. Both so important in my life. I    feel sorry for any woman that doesn't have a sister. We all have our own unique talents, and I believe that creating and crafting adds a lot of zest to our lives.      

I am so frustrated trying to correct all the spacing I think I'll just publish this the way it is. 

"It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection; through art and art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual          existence."         - Oscar Wilde       

Be well...Carole                                


  1. Oh My Goodness.....all beautiful....I'm a Pisces so I love the fish, but I really love them all and you are so lucky to have a talented sister who lavishes you in gifts...may she always be unable to make up her mind and continue sending you lots of

  2. I love the Oscar Wilde quote. He had an amazing spirit especially in those restrictive and volatile changing times.

    I am so glad that you are enjoying the sets that I made for your birthday. The show that inspired the long necklace was Masterpiece Theater's Downton Abbey. If I'm not mistaken, Oscar Wilde would have been a contemporary of the era. I loved that show and like Upstairs Downstairs, I hated to see it end.

    The necklace from the set with the long flower cut outs can be worn with or without the long pendant.

    Clever that you put them on the lamp finial to remind you to wear 'em!

  3. These are all gorgeous! What a wonderful and talented sister you have! I always wished I had a sister to share things with, you are very fortunate to have two of them.


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