Friday, March 27, 2015

Philly Fan Box Card

Greetings and thanks for stopping by. First I feel the need to explain my absence...burning pain in my wrist and shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, when I spend to much time on the computer...that discourages me from typing. Plus the ganglion cyst on my ring finger. I will need to address this with a surgeon some time soon. Especially since it limits my crafting time too!

A dear friend asked me to make a special  card for a Philly fan that is celebrating her 85th birthday. When you live in certain Philadelphia neighborhoods you have to root for the team. That includes team shirts & hats, parties, outdoor decor, name it...Philly Phanatics. The box card can feature all of that. I should have added a hot dog with the sheet music "Take me out to the ball game"

Up next the baby shower banner...I could have made it twice the looks so small.

I've seen so many darling crocheted caps on line...that I was inspired to try one. I've crocheted 100's of doilies...tiny little angels and ornaments, and a couple dozen afghans, but I've never made a hat/cap or had to deal with gauge.

I was at the craft store and with my GD Rylee in mind, I looked for a pretty pink yarn that would be soft on her little bald head. Rylee will be 10 in April and she has alopecia. Anyway I didn't have the pattern but choose this brilliant pink yarn and tried my hand at a cap. The gauge is too big so I'll try again. I just bought a loom to make big fluffy flowers to top this off.

I'll post when I can...I've been a [sit-in] editor for our Woman's Club of Royersford, monthly newsletter. Which has aggravated the C P Syndrome. I'm amazed at how much I forgot in 4 years ...when I finally found a replacement. I'll be happy to give it back to Mary Anne on her return...and appreciate her all the more.

I've also been enrolled in creating a sign, a trophy...for The Best in Shoe", place cards and table numbers for this up coming event in May. I'll layer this on a  larger black foam core rectangle and add the club information
 to complete. Tune in nest time to see the completed projects.

 Be well and thanks for visiting.~Carole

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  1. It's wonderful to see you back, Carole! I do understand about the pain of typing with your issues and it's no fun. I hope you will be able to have them taken care of soon. In the meantime, it's good to see that you have pushed through the pain to keep yourself creatively active! The Philly box card is spectacular and I think your "Best in Shoe" projects will be, too! And the cap?! You are rocking that bright pink and can I just say, your skin is flawless and gorgeous!! I'm sure Rylee will love her cap when you've finished it! Take care of yourself! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Cute Philly stuff....hoping this year will be better for them but I'm not hopeful!

  3. Your Phillies Box card is just awesome. My grandson is a big baseball fan. He would go nuts over that card.
    Your other projects are really neat too.
    Hope you are doing better with your wrist and shoulder (I can relate!)

  4. HI Carole, it's great to see you back but so sorry you've been suffering with your Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and finger, very painful. You are showing us some lovely creations today, I love your Phillies card in a box, what a lot of super details and colours...your shoe card is fab and I'm looking forward to seeing the for your hat? Love it, fab colour, hugs and take care, Carole Z XX

  5. Have missed your posts---glad you're back!

  6. Sorry to hear you have been suffering the pain of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. All of your projects are just lovely.

    Hugs diane

  7. Thank you Carole, for your nice comments...

    I couldn't remember if you said whether you were at that tea room or not?
    I hope to go again in a few weeks...The lady that had been my Mother's best friend for over 60 years wants to take me there for my birthday.
    Something special to look forward to.


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