Wednesday, April 23, 2014

100th Anniversary of The Women's Club of Royersford was a success!


Problems formatting the pics so please excuse the layout. I should have asked some one to take my picture with my camera...but as the PA Dutch folks say...
"too soon old...too late schmart"

We were encouraged to wear hats and gloves or any vintage clothing from the last century.

What fun!


An assortment of tea and scones with clotted cream, raspberry jam and lemon curd was available. 

Reining President Wanda Feairheller read personal bio's of our surviving past presidents and presented them with a wrist corsages. Anne Metz our First Vice President introduced PA State Senator John Rafferty who spoke of the clubs accomplishments through out the years, followed my our State Representative Mark Painter and Royersford Borough Manager, who also spoke of our clubs many community services and contributions. We were presented an award and a plaque honoring our services.

Potato leak soup was served as Kevin Pierce sang songs from the past.  The staff walked around offering trays of cucumber and watercress sandwiches, egg salad or salmon and dill, tuna and chicken salad croissants. All dainty and delicious. 

Following our lunch Kevin showed a Multi-Media Presentation he produced,compiled by our Treasurer Katharine Nelson, with the help of the local Historical Society, narrated by Anne Metz. It made all of us so proud to be part of The Women's Club of Royersford.

Tickets were sold for the door prizes, the beautiful blue potted hydrangeas and a 50/50 to help cover the expenses. Each guest received a favor shaped like an apron with recipes from club members that were published in our local newspaper in 1980.

Pictured above gift bags with embellishments featuring little tea pots and cups. Table setting with apron favor. Pictured below is the sign outside the door of the Country Club directing the entrance along with the program, the recipe apron, a name tag and place card.

Cake and ice cream  served for dessert.

A wonderful and memorable event that has left me a bit burnt out...but I do hope to get back to blogging and visiting my bloggin' buddies soon. Be well and craft on! Carole


  1. This looks like so much fun! Great pictures...I can why it was so much work.... but just think of all the great memories!

  2. What a wonderful afternoon that must have been. Love all the hats. Your hard work shows up everywhere.
    Time for you to sit and take a deep breath.

  3. Hi Carole, I'm so glad your celebration was such a success and look at all your wonderful hard work - resplendent in the photos! Looks like a very enjoyable time to be remembered for always, hugs Carole Z X

  4. What a wonderful celebration Carole and thanks for all the fabulous pictures.

    Hugs Diane

  5. I thought I would stop in and see if you were still recuperating after your fabulous ladies affaire!! I'm not surprised you are burnt out, Carole, you worked SOOO hard on this. You must also feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment for your part, however! Well done!! Hugs, Darnell


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