Friday, November 22, 2013

Light bulbs as ornaments and center pieces

I'm in charge of table decoration for our monthly Women's club I decided to make center pieces and offer the poinsettia wreaths for sale to benefit the club.

Using glass wear and pearls I found at the local thrift store here's what I made.

Cala lily's embedded in a slice of a cork... then inserted in the hollowed out light bulb...wrapped in red binding ribbon fits perfectly in this up-cycled bottle.  

Here's a crochet covered light bulb with a sprig of pearls inside and adorned with paper flowers and a butterfly...I placed this in a tiny glass vessel...

 Here's one flipped and filled with strands of pearls...also from the thrift store...sitting on a velvet ribbon covered cardboard circle...from an empty roll of glue dots I used making all the poinsettias.

  This purple hued bulb is ball shaped and reminds me of the gazing ball lawn ornaments from years gone by. This one sits in a baby food jar.

 Here's another tiny 15 watt bulb ...there are many sizes and different shapes I never paid to much attention to before seeing how to hollow out burned out light bulbs on Pinterest. Here's the link if you want to try it. I used acetone...nail polish remover to remove the manufacture and wattage mark.

 If you want to see previously posted photos of twine covered bulbs click here.

I turned my milk glass cake stand upside down and topped it with this balloon bowl, a white wreath and a battery candle sitting in a paper covered tube. I love it.

Poinsettia's cut layered and shaped, using foam dots and glue dots. I resisted buying this die... from Marianne Design...because I have several poinsettia cut files I could use with my cricut...the thing is the steel die cuts create a nice crisp edge and embosses beautifully...very professional. As you can see I relented and purchased the die. And as soon as it came I started cutting and embossing...5 layers green  three reds/whites..and the tiny stamens. I'm proud to share that I used scraps and even if I never use it again I've got my $$$$ worth...and reduced the bulk of my scrap bins. Happy happy joy joy!

That's all for now...except to tell you  I received many compliments and questions...yet...  while shaking their heads in confusion... a few ladies suggested that I was something else...I wonder what? 
Be well and Happy Thanksgiving ~ Carole


  1. These are wonderful, Carole! What a great idea! No wonder you received compliments! Happy Thanksgiving to you from a rather chilly UK! Hope your weekend is filled with warmth, light and love - rather like your table decs! Julie Ann xx

  2. These are fabulous Carole, totally inspired! Carole Z X

  3. Hmmm, I've had people say I'm something else, too, Carole! I always think it means something else too fabulous for words! Sounds good, huh?! Your beautiful poinsettia light bulb centerpieces are something else, too! They are going to look gorgeous on the tables at the Club and sell like hot cakes!!

    If I'm not back before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! We're extra thankful to have you here this Thanksgiving after your scare earlier this year!! Hugs, Darnell


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