Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ligth bulb moment....it's twine time.

I have so much fun up-cycling light bulbs...remember these. Jute and twine seem to be calling me to create with today. Even as I was finishing this light bulb vase I imagined the next one as a hot air balloon. But before I do that, I spied a glass bowl like vase that housed some white sand and sea shells...that really needed some embellishments. For what ever reason twine and jute remind me of knots and sea so that's how this developed.


I think I'll remove some of the sea shells and add a votive candle... after all this once contained a soy candle.

Looking around again I discovered a basket of empty light bulbs just waiting for one to become a hot air balloon. I think it's... shut the front door cute. I will add it to the whimsical display of bird houses.

My hydrangea's were pummeled from the deluge of rain... so I ended up cutting the mop heads that were laying on the ground. I love working with fresh flowers and these blooms are extraordinary. 

They sprang back nicely and the blooms are abundant even after cutting enough for 4 bouquets. These flowers truly make me joyful.

# One in the foyer,

#2 Dining table

#3 On the hall tree seat a low arrangement because the stems split.
#4 Behind the living room couch. Beauty every where. Did you notice all my crochet work?

Do you find yourself joyful ? and then does your creativity flow? This is true for me. Wishing you a joyful day of freedom and peace. Happy Independence Day America!


  1. OMGosh...how totally adorable and clever. How did you get the hole in light bulb for flowers? The hot air balloon....very creative! This is crazy fun! I just threw out my hydrangeas that were in a waste. Yup, the rain had beaten them to death so I go what I could salvage so they could shine once more before taking their last breath. Yours are beautiful too!

  2. Simply marvelous creations! Your so creative, Carole! Your flowers are beautiful and all your crocheted work is gorgeous. WOW! What a joyful heart you have! Have a happy 4th!

  3. We are joyful when you are joyful, Carole, because just look at all the creativity in this one single post!! Your crocheted doilies are so lovely and those multi-colored hydrangeas, WOW! How amazing does your house look with them everywhere?!! I agree with you about the light bulb moments (literally!) of beauty and whimsy you had: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! Happy 4th!!


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