Saturday, July 6, 2013

Playing with jute and twine...

This picture shows a rescued vessel, I removed it from a dumpster. It has a price label on the bottom from Kohl's for $29.99 , though it didn't appeal to me I saw possibilities. I began wrapping it with the rolled jute, using fabric glue to secure. Not sure were it was going I continued to cover the entire surface. This is how I completed it.

Rooting through buttons and sewing hardware I found some metal snaps.... which I attached to the center of the  spiral twirls. I strung some beads and bobbles with twine to cascade down the swirly texture. 
Sea shore on my mind...can you hear the waves breaking and the seagulls? I'm almost out of far well for now. ~Carole


  1. Well done, Carole! I just love the way you "hear" your artist spirit and let the twine and your hands do their own delightful thing!!

  2. Didn't have a chance to leave a comment. First, I'm impressed that you saved it from a dumpster..haha It has a whole new life. I LOVE it!


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