Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm feeling better... now to thank my nurses..

Nurses remain high on my list of angels on earth. Their training and compassion is obvious as they go about their jobs. The enormous amounts of paper work is tedious and frustrating, yet their one on one care is a blessing. Their kindness and consideration for our well being is a comfort when faced with health worries. I'm hoping to get these cards to the sweet angles that cared for me. A few phone calls and some questions should afford me with the information needed to get these cards in their hands.

After searching for clip art I printed and hand cut these stethoscopes and clip board. I'm my worse critic but I will send these cards... even though I'm not delighted them.

 On the inside I wrote: " Thank you...for all you do...for who you are...and how you cared for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

I saw my cardiologist this morning and he reduced my medications due to my dizzy spells and low blood pressure, then he assured me that I was doing excellent. I was surprised when he thanked me for the card I made for him. He declared that it was very clever and unusual as he thanked me again. How thoughtful.

I'm hopeful that the change in meds will prove to be helpful in restoring my energy level, and that I will be inspired to craft on.

Wishing you the best...thanks for visiting. Be well ~ Carole


  1. Hi Carole. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Both my hubby and my mother had open heart surgery last year and encountered the same dizzy spells. Reducing the medication really helped them and I hope that works for you also. Take care.

    Your cards are so creative and unique and I'm sure the nurses will treasure these one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Loll xx

  2. You tell your inner critic to sit down! These are adorable and personable and your nurses will treasurer them, just like your doctor. I'm sure they are pleased as punch to receive a store-bought note of thanks, but to have someone hand-make them a card is a very special treat!

    It can be a long process getting the meds all straightened out to work with your individual chemistry so hang in there, hon. In time you'll be feeling spunky again!

  3. glad the doc is saying you are getting better, now for you to feel that way too. The cards are awesome. I had a stethoscope svg and a clipboard. Yours look wonderful...Yes, we are our own worse critics. Homemade cards are unique with a lot of extra's nice to know that they are appreciated. The nurses, hard job and not the best pay in the world with the duties and hours put upon them. The classes are so hard to become a nurse....90% being what the doctors take! Amazing! Let's face and death is a responsibility upon their shoulders.


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