Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gratitude and a card for my cardiologists.

My husband drove me to the hospital Wednesday night because I was experiencing a lot of pressure on my heart. I now understand that woman experience heart attacks differently than men. I was short of breath and I couldn't get comfortable. 

At the hospital I was immediately wheeled in for some blood work and family crowding the room and offering love and support were finally convinced to go home after midnight. It's impossible to sleep in a hospital with a blood pressure cuff on your arm, inflating every 10 minutes as well as everything else going beep in the night.

The staff was caring and supportive making me as comfortable as possible. In the morning when the cardiologist came in to explained that I would need a heart cauterization to determine the cause of my symptoms. He explained that Phoenixville Hospital had excellent physicians that would preform the procedure.

So I was transported to Phoenixville, via ambulance during a torrential rain storm...sirens blaring and traffic stopping. On arrival I had some more tests and blood work the procedure was explained and I was prepped to go. Again my family crowding the room, I tried to chase them home, but that didn't work...they just laughed at me.

The cauterization proved that one of my heart valves was 90% a stint was inserted to open the valve and I was returned to my room to recover and spend the night. My father died of heart disease at 38, so along with family history and some bad habits it seemed inevitable.

Short conclusion...I will be on a bunch of medications and a heart healthy diet along with exercise. It's amazing the technology that affords us simple solutions instead of surgery. I'm ever so grateful for the skilled doctors and nurses, as well as the entire team that supports them.

I'll be back tomorrow with some cards for the wonderful nursing staff. 
Be well ~ Carole


  1. So glad to hear that you are doing well now. I'm sure your awesome card will be much appreciated.

  2. Hi Carole. I'm so glad that you are doing better. It's amazing how fast everything happened - what a wonderful medical team(s) you were blessed with. The card is a wonderful tribute to the doctors and I'm sure they will be thrilled with it ... it's so creative and unique. My prayers are with you ... take care and rest, my friend. Love, Loll

  3. Wow! So glad to hear that your doing better and they found the culprit. With such a history, I'm surprised your doctor wasn't watching you a little closer until this happened, but boy oh boy, the right docs were there when you entered the hospital and took it seriously. Reports say that women are overlooked so much more than men, yet it's our No.1 cause of death...yup...over any cancer. An you are right that we show entirely different symptoms. Again, sooooo glad they found the problem, and you took it serious enough to go to the hospital and not over look the obvious.

  4. I received your email and was so sad to read about your experience, but happy to hear you are alright. I'm sure its good to be back home and resting and crafting that beautiful card. You are a special angel my friend. Take care, hugs.

  5. They will LOVE this perfectly wonderful card from you, Carole! I'm so thankful this happened to you in the way that it did (w/o surgery or death) so that you could get on life-saving medicine and a heart-healthy routine! I've been in your shoes (my father died of heart disease at 46) so I know how scary this is, much as you tried to make light of it. Again, I'm so happy that you had this wakeup call and attention so that you can keep on keepin' on for years and years to come! Stay on top of it!! Mwah! Darnell

  6. I am stunned darned near speechless.

    (Please - I don't like being without my many, many words! Words and pictures must be more like, well like moments. I hope you understand ---?)

    Yet happily, I find that I am rejoicing. WE are rejoicing. I love that this is so.

    You have amazed me.

    Please continue to amaze me more and More and MORE, ok?

    I love you fiercely and tenderly and oh-so-much more than you can ever imagine - and you have a terrific imagination.

    I'm "with" Darnell...MWAH~
    your ever lovin' sister Deborah

  7. my cardiologist in Queens has always treated me so well. I owe so much to him, this is a great idea!


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