Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This picture really cracks me up...and she sure looks like she's a winner. 

Thanks to Misty the 100th person to join my blog, she's a master at 3 D paper crafts so if you get a chance click her link. Misty has been following by email for quite some time. which is some how different then joining. I'm not sure I understand the distinction  between joining a blog or following a blog by email...except of course you are notified by email when a new post is published.

Now here's the dilemma...I'm not sure who would like to win. I've requested that to participate...after joining...please leave a comment - letting me know that you would like to win. So far I've only had one such comment, and one dear blogger that stated she hoped that the prize would go to someone who had a need for some crafty things.

So here's what I'm going to do...since I have made so many embellishments I will award a collection of card candy to the one follower that followed the instructions...Christine and give the rest of my followers one more chance to let me know if you would like to win.
  Have a peek... 

 You could also check out my previous posts to view other pictures of the embellishments.

 Christine wrote "would love to win one of your packages, not having a cutting machine myself"  With that said Christine you're the winner...please email your mailing address to: carolea.sweeney@comcast.net and I will send you your prize.

To win the second chance package of embellished embellishment...better known as card candy. Just leave a comment stating that you would indeed like to win, and then I will choose a random winner...that is if I receive 2 or more comments.

I thank all my followers for your interest and comments. Be well and craft on ~ Carole


  1. WEll, first of all, I LOVE that photo you found. Second, congrats to Christine to being the winner and the only one of us that followed the directions. Hummm, I'm pretty good at following directions, boy oh boy, I must have slipped...haha Third, I've been following you a long time, how could I not be a follower...strange. Anyhoooo....I'm now lucky 101. I swear Carole, I thought I was on here...wish I had been that 100 for you. I'm definitely on your facebook and follower by email. Have a great day...time to go make some cards this early morning.

  2. Ummm Yes & Please <3 I agree with Carolina^ LOVE that laughing girl & Camel.

    May the Angels guide your hand / or random dot org for the winner

    Do you Tweet? If not maybe you could think about it, Even I got entries for a give a way at my blog (now closed) by tweeting.

    Thank you for your wonderful comment at my place. I volunteer Dar to teach you to carve stamps if y'all live close that is; if not check out my Recommended videos on YouTube APGJamie may or may not be a space between APG & Jamie

    I tweet as @ArtistPoetGirl

    End of commercials & comment



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