Monday, September 2, 2013

99 and Counting...Be the 100th follower for a chance to win.

Happy Labor Day Peeps...By the sea, crafting or just lazing about I hope you are enjoying yourself.  I'm still waiting for one more follower so I can choose a random winner for the blog candy I've created. Find out about it here:   
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First up a sympathy card for my dear friend who just lost her Uncle. Being at a loss for words I went to my go to site for card messages. It's a great resource for greeting card messages, organized by category.
By adding a name and a personal note I can copy and paste a meaningful message.

I most confess...I am delinquent in completing you know what I mean? I don't finish the inside or stamp my mark on the back or add the envelope and insert to the clear bags. I've just been putting them in a box to deal with later. Well the time has come and that was my mission this weekend. I completed and organized these cards in this 16 pocket display. Five cards in each pocket. I was inspired to do this because my cards will be for sale at: Hodge Podge Unique Boutique and community center in Boyertown, PA. 

The proprietor of this unique boutique, Heidi, showcases local artisans. Offering a space to display their talents. Her shop has clothing, jewelry, wall hangings and anything else hand crafted. You are bound to find something you just have to have.  Heidi is amazing, her positive attitude and willingness to help others is immediately obvious. We are currently discussing the possibility of offering card making classes in the back.

I'll keep you updated on how that works out but for now I'm hoping to get one more crafter to join my reach my goal of 100 peeps. That's it...I know I don't have to time to respond to a larger following... so 100 will  work and I can give away the blog candy I've been working on. Want a peek? here's another . If you are already a followers just leave a comment to be eligible.

I hope to hear from you. Be well and thanks for visiting. ~ Carole



  1. Beautiful sympathy card Carole. Love the way the die-cut poppies so from inside the oval at the bottom to outside at the top - great design.

    How exciting to have your cards for sale at a local shop! Loll xx

  2. Gosh.. you must have snooped in my craft room when I was gone one day....yup, incomplete cards, inside empty, no stamp on the back. I need to ask again about the gorgeous butterfly on today's cards and recent cards. Who made the die cut?

  3. PS....wonderful card for your friend for the lost of her uncle. And, how wonderful to have a friend and place to sell your cards and creations.

  4. Yeah, I'm your 100th follower! I thought I was already following you before, but I guess it was only by email. Glad to be your 100th:) Gorgeous card Carole and congratulations and good luck with your card venture. Have a wonderful day!


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