Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pop-up digger card- Free cut file and Card Candy         BirdsCards  offfers so many wonderful cut files, and this digger was perfect for my grandson's 7th birthday.  I hardly ever use the cricut cartridges. I'm so use to using SCAL with the computer to size, cut and create images that using the cricut keypad is challenging. 

I just went for an eye prescriptions for distance and reading along with nightly eye drops. 

So about the card... isn't it cute? The shiny parts are a bit's impossible for me to glue 2 cuts together without getting gluey fingers. I like to layer cuts to add depth.

The background paper is perfect for this digger, and the camouflage envelope holds the message it dug up. Here's the inside:

My grandson loves anything with wheels and everything camouflaged so I printed this on erasable paper. Erasable paper was used back when everything was typed and it has 25% cotton fiber so it feels like fabric. I love it, thin yet durable! 

I used the army stickers I had stashed and cut the letters using SCAL. I had fun playing with this but it took me all day, double cuts - glued together, inked edges, stickers layered on card stock for support then fussy cut, letters glued to acetate to pop up and a spare digger to include on the envelope.

I'm hoping that if he wants to remove the digger - it will be the one on the envelope and not the card. If I were 7 I'd rip it off , after all the digger moves, you have to figure out how that works...right? Do you remember wanting to take things apart to figure out how they worked? I could tell you a story or two.

Now about the card candy. I have 95 followers I'm hoping to have 100 sometime soon so that I can choose a random winner.

 Pictured here are some possibilities to offer the potential winner. All you need to do is follow my site... and then leave a comment telling me that you would like to win. If you're the winner I will request your email address for contact information so that I can mail the winning package.

To see more card candy click here  and here to see how I used it. I would love to share these embellishments and see how you would use them. Does that sound like fun? 

 Now I do have some errands run so I'll end this post wishing you joy and well being.  


  1. Hi Carole. That digger is so cool!! Your grandson is going to love it! Love the camouflage ... and the bright red letters!

    Your card candy is so adorable!! Loll xx

  2. Love your cards---especially when you do "white ob white."

  3. I would love to have the digger file, that will be the theme for my grandsons birthday party in Jan ...he will be 3....thank you ..I am familiar with your files thru the Gentleman crafter an they are beautiful!!!


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