Friday, August 2, 2013

Designing with card candy...Ideas for prizes

Using the captains wheel and anchor on the stripes  begged for another element so I punched a 1.5" circle twice, one red one blue,then I punched a 1" circle out of the center. After I cut and glued the pieces together I embossed it to create this  lifesaver. 

After I tied on some twine, I discovered the white cord.  Grommets on the corners and tie it all together with an S.O.S.....ahoy and set sails matey. 

Have you ever done this...look again...I mounted the card topper on the wrong side, or upside down. Have you ever been in public when you look down and see a tag on the inside of your collar? Your hand goes to your throat and covers your blunder. Will anyone notice? Probably not...but first chance you get you'll find a place to turn it right. Well I think I will leave it on backwards....nobody knows...right? Make this card fun.

Nobody enjoys crabby people...yet many of us enjoy eating them...crabs that is! Simple and fun. The grill is from SVGcuts. and the little crab is on the summer shape library available with SCAL. I love playing with die cuts...embellishing them adding a bit of whimsy.

I love the sakura gelly roll pens they add just the right sparkle to enhance a cut. So here are but a few possibilities if you are the lucky winner of the prize package I'm offering when I have 100 followers. 
I've made quite a few embellished elements and many more die cuts to choose from. I'll be posting more pictures of all the card candy I'm playing with. Would you like to win some? Leave a comment and you too could win. 

I want to welcome my new followers ...95 ....only 5 to go. I hope it doesn't take to long. I invite you to leave a comment and I'll be happy to return the favor. 
Be well and craft on~ Carole

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  1. Hi Carole! I'm so sorry I've been a poor visiting friend to your blog. This working has me way behind on my visits. I did catch up just now and I love to see how productive and creative you've been!

    What amazing card candy you are making!! And how generous to give out prizes! Loll does the same thing on Stamping With Loll, and it's just the nicest thing to do for your followers! Congratulations on almost 100!

    While I'd love to join in the give-away, I just wouldn't feel right with all the NBUS that I'm embarrassed I already have. It would be great if it went to others who have a need for it. But, thank you for the wonderful offer!

    While all your cards are innovative and fantastic, I have to say the lifesaver you made is extraordinary!! xxoo Darnell

    P.S. I've subscribed now so I won't get so far behind on your posts in the future!


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