Monday, May 6, 2013

Loving French Lilacs... A journal of the Fashion Show Committee

This is written for a journal - detailing meetings held and steps taken to plan and execute a fundraising program. If not on.

The Women's Club of Royersford - Fashion Show Committee - met today to assemble and decorate 35 purse favors. See one here: I'll post pictures when they are all completed and filled with chocolate kisses. 

We met at 9 a.m. with complaints and grousing about setting alarm clocks and appearing in public before noon. But after many conversations and  some sweet treats and coffee we all settled down to glue and decorated these favors. I discovered the things I do with ease....are challenging to others. Very Interesting! 

I prepared all the favors by cutting and scoring all the fold lines, then I began the instructions on how to fold. I repeated the instructions on how to fold ...holding up an example. I repeated this several times as we giggled and made excuses for our limitations. 

Mary Ellen decided she would just fold...gluing it was too's not one of her strong points. That's okay Mary Ellen you and Coleen-  did super fantastic-alistic at soliciting...a valuable ability. You're  terrific little beggars. They've acquired many gift certificates and prizes from local merchants.

 Mary Anne quietly went about figuring it out. She can proudly claim " I did it ...and I did it my way"

After a few mis...understandings on how to fold and where to glue we got down to production. 35 Purses assembled. Next step...decorating.

Coleen - the only crafty gal present -watched me and created some beautiful variations, as Raine aka Lorraine took punching 101. Honestly the bigger MS butterfly punch and decorative swirl punches are difficult... only because you really need to standup and apply a lot of pressure to punch these lovelies, and using only scraps on hand -placement of the punch is important.

Have you noticed all the Irish-ness in the names? Good Catholic gals...following rules.

New instructions...squeeze some glue on a piece of foil away from your working space. I handed out some craft stixs and exhibited how to use them to spread the glue on the area to be attached. and explain again...offering a visual on how it FITS the edge. New instructions avoid getting glue on everything.

Happy faces when they did it right, excuses when it was cattiwongal ...wrong. I was also surprised to discover not everyone thought it was fun....even though we were having fun. Go figure.

Like a good MOM I fussed over every one of these lovely creations. I was proud of they're individual taste when they chose not to add the bit of green we suggested. I declared each and every one unique and clever and I promised not to fix them. 

On Friday I will be teaching 2nd graders how to assemble bird houses. Yep my granddaughter Rylee asked if I would show her class how to make the bird houses we created before Christmas. You can see one here:

It will be interesting to see if 2nd graders can follow instructions better then "mature, intelligent women"

In closing I will say that hanging out and playing with friends is the BEST way to spend the day. Raine has a beautiful home and offers wonderful hosting skills and an ability to complete and manage the details of each meeting, moving us toward our goal.

 Coleen graced the place with her talent and magnificent French Lilacs infusing the room with that wonderful fragrance. Blessing among facing a fearful future dealing with terrorists.

Live in the moment....smell the flowers...breathe deep...and give thanks. 

With gratitude ~ Carole



  1. What an enjoyable post, Carole, and those lilacs drew me in!

  2. I read a bit of your journal and took a peek of the purse before the chocolate filling. Fun to read your journal of what I read and truly darling, lovely purse...I can't believe you did so many.


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