Sunday, May 5, 2013

Father's Day Vest

 I'm back with another card made using Bird's cutting files. Harlequin print is ideal for this waistcoat card. Bird is from the UK and that's what she calls it. I made some simple changes by welding the back and sides together so now it's a shaped card.

Recently I've seen by blogging buddy Carolina Girl using charms on her cards. I have a bunch of little charms....that I forget about because they're put away...out of sight. So when I made the pockets for this vest I knew I wanted to slip in a charm. A cell phone and a key bob. The perfect finishing touch. I just shaped the pockets slightly to round them out, then applied glue on 3 sides.  These cards were so easy to put together, and I bet they'll sell.

I know I should be working on Mother's day cards but this file inspired me. Hope you like it. Be well ~Carole


  1. wonderful....they really got my attention when I hit your site. I must have missed this one too. I've been trying to do a few more man cards and this would fit the bill. I agree that these would sell very well. Thank you for noticing my charms..haha I'm trying to do better. Yours for the waistcoat are prefect and darling....which reminds me of one I could use when I do a card like yours. I tried to bit on maracas but didn't win and just finished a card I could had used them on. I have LOTS of charms but not the one I needed....haha If there are some charms you were wanting, let me know and let me look in my stash for you or I could surprise you or if you have too many as it is...I totally understand,,,haha (because you saw my room) haha

  2. Shut the front door! These are unbelievable, Carole! And how serendipthebus that you the absolute perfect charms for the vest pockets!! I can't stop staring at them!!!


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