Friday, May 3, 2013

Wedding Cake Card

White cards are difficult to that explains the poor quality of this picture, but you can see the dimension and the details. The lovely cake and frame files are free...from Bird Cards

A very talented and generous bird...LOL I can't seem to find her name anywhere on the site, but I want to thank her and my CarolinaGirl for sharing the link. The best links do come from other bloggers:) 

Thank you bird I truly appreciate your talent and generosity. I'm retired and challenged with a limited income so I truly value what you offer. 

 Here's another poor shot and 3 other free cut files offered by the bird blog. They are so easy to're not directed to another site...and they cut beautifully.

Go ahead and check out the bird card blog or Pinterest here
I know you will be thrilled with all she has to offer.

That's all for now. Be well ~ Carole


  1. Wow, beautiful W-0-W card, Carole! I love the little ring! Thanks for the tip on the Bird blog, too! I don't have a cutting machine, and I'm not into digis yet, but I've bookmarked it for when that day comes or I want to take a look at the free sentiments and stamps. It's an awesome site!!

  2. that card is stunning, and both photos look great but I am sure it is more lovely in person!

  3. Your card is beautiful! I saw it at Bird's but haven't tried yet since I didn't have a wedding. SUPER!!!! Cute that you mentioned me. I also love those cuts below. I think I missed one or two and have to go check..they are gorgeous!


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