Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday night my son-Brent- treated Pop and Nana to dinner.  Joined by my darling DIL-Sandy, along with her Mother and Rylee and Wyatt, the brilliant and adorable grandchildren. Delightful and well behaved they placed their order for dinner so properly.

Wylee and Riot were a captive audience sitting across the table from me, I got to ask lots of questions and play a name game...if you were a crow....what would you're name be....if you were a monkey....etc. They answered with names that rhymed. Poe the crow, funky monkey, they were entertained and enjoying the attention


Before dinner my first born daughter...Jennifer arrived with her arms  filled 
with these  wonderful hydrangeas, then arms wide open for a hug!


On Sunday after a delicious brunch at my second born daughter's home, Corina gifted me with this exotic and elegant orchid. Both she and her husband Paul prepared a remarkable brunch... Bloody Mary's on arrival,  a vegetarian strada, toasted bagels served with tomatoes, smoked salmon and white fish. An opulent selection of fresh fruit, pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe and strawberries sliced and ready to be drizzled with a yogurt dressing flavored with fresh lime zest, chopped ginger and honey. 

The thing that is so special about Mother's Day is the personal time spent getting to know your adult children and WHO they are in the world. Getting flowers and being treated special is a bonus.

I'll be back soon to post some cards. That's all for now. Thanks for visiting.

Be well ~ Carole

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  1. Flowers and beautiful and sounds like a wonderful array of fish and kind of meal. So glad you were able to be surrounded by family and making even more memories.


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