Friday, May 10, 2013

18 Bird Houses

Here's how I did it...with the help of the teacher and her assistant.

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I created an svg file to cut the bird houses,(20) then cut the squares for the base and the rectangle for the roof. I used MS screw punch to punch holes in the roofs for the cord to be inserted before gluing. I used various colors of good card stock for houses, the bases and the roofs, using what ever I had available. I really think all colors will work. I had this plastic tray - from appetizers - that will be recycled as little glue pots. 

I'm currently using them here to separate the various punched shapes
available to embellish their little bird houses.

I've created 18 clear sleeves to package a kit, each including:
1. a craft stick
2.  a 10" cord with taped end cuts to hand bird house
3. a square for the base
4. a scored and punched rectangle (for the roof)
5. a die cut bird house cut and scored on fold line.

I plan on distributing the kits to each student explaining what they are looking at.
I will instruct them to fold and crease all the score lines....down.
I will show them how to use the glue....(squeezed generously in each of the glue pots)
on the down folded score lines....
first connecting the corners by gluing the tab to form a square house...holding in place to dry

Next we'll glue the base folds and place it in the center of the square base
using the craft stick to burnish the glued folds

Next we will thread the cord through the punched holes in the scored and folded roof
Having a good length of cord available to enable them to tie a knot... secure 

The following  instructions will be to glue the folds that connect the roof....
apply the roof with the cord attached....hold in place to dry.

Now for the fun. Embellish. Using the scraps from cutting the base bird house, I punched loads of birds, butterflies, flowers and leaves, stars and they may choose how they want to decorate it. 

I will have an example available to view and offer other suggestions, but I really want to see what they choose and how they decorate.

My intentions is for this to be a memorable - inspirational and joyful experience - in 30 minutes or less. 

I wrote all the above as I was preparing for this event. Having never worked with 2nd graders I needed to be clear with the plan and execution. With a kit on my workspace - I timed myself - taking my time - from start to finish -20 minutes. 

Okay it should be workable, and it was with the help of the teacher and her assistant it was.

Maybe I would be willing to do it again???? for the love of a grandchild's request. 
I have experience now.

Be well ~ Carole



  1. AAWWHH! The pic of the kids and their bird houses is GREAT!!

  2. You are the best grandmother EVER, Carole! The twinks are 2nd graders and I'm sure they would love tp have a craft session like this!!

  3. Hi Carole. How special to be able to share your love of paper crafting with your grand-daughter's class. I'm sure she was thrilled to have you there ... and it looks like all the kids are proud of their birdhouses. Loll xx

  4. did it....what a marvelous pic of the kids! I love it...and very proud of you! Bravo!

  5. A W E S O M E!!! That was FUN! I know they must have had a great time...and I would guess to say some very lucky mom's will receive them for Mother's Day. You ROCK Carol Anne!!! TFS
    Peace and Love


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