Sunday, July 15, 2012

Playing with Scraps

So I'm playing with scraps and pieces that were in the bag of treasures my cousin Darlene Gail brought home from Michigan and shared with me. See the gold foil strips  So delicate and sweet. I will delight in using every little piece. Do they carry anything like that at Micheal's or A C Moore's ? Have you seen any of these foils before?

Now look at this card, isn't it smashing? See what I mean about delight, just an inch makes a dramatic difference on the silver coin embossed purse, and I only had to add 3 little sections on the gold purse. So much fun!

I'm sorry this picture is a little blurry but you can see the assortment of wonderful mulberry, flocked and glittered paper strips, one even has stitched metallic flourishes. And a bonus of paper doilies. There was a bunch of hand made papers, stamped images and envelopes in my goodie bag as well. So exciting to play with these extraordinary papers.

When my daughter traveled to Dubai to train yoga students to teach, she bought some beautiful papers home for me, then when we had lunch in Philadelphia, she took me to the Paper Source an outstanding source for sure. It's the first time I saw such fine papers displayed on rolls sold by cut sections of different dimensions. Japanese, Indian, Thai, Cavallini, European, amazing...I was like a kid in a candy store, no kidding...remember the rush?  I decided I would only spend $10.00, mostly to contain myself. I chose a beautiful burgundy with a raised black flocked Damask 20" x 30"  $6.50 and a dogwood printed wrapping paper $3.50. I don't drive to Philly very often, but if I do I'll find time to go back to the Paper Source.

 Have you ever been to a store like that? I know everything is available on line, but it's not the same experience as seeing and touching. I'll be back to share more creation using my treasured scraps.

"There is no such thing as pure pleasure; some anxiety always goes with it. "
 ~Ovid, Metamorphoses

Enjoying the pleasures of paper -Be well ~Carole


  1. Hi sweetie! So glad to see you enjoying the goodies. The foil is called German Scrap and I've only ever found it on line. Got this at ArtChexStudio. They make diff. shapes, love the wings too. I was so fortunate that a lady in one store told me about the store with the papers. It was truly my highlight of the Michigan State trip. Row after row with huge shelves above your head, overwhelming and made me over~joyed. They have an online store too. Susan Butler, she started in her garage and wow, has she grown. I say very reasonably priced for what you get too.
    How stinkin' adorable is the card with handbags!!! What a treasure for someone to receive. WELL DONE dear girlfriend!!!
    Much Peace and LOVE

  2. These are great, Carole! Your bags are way fancier than what I make - love them!!


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