Sunday, July 15, 2012

Love my daisy die!

So I've posted many cards using my daisy die as a bouquet of white daisies, as black-eyed Susan's and now looking like sun flowers. I started this one for a new clean and simple challenge, but considering how it turned out...not so clean and simple.The sentiment is holding the gate-fold card closed and could be changed to any number of sentiments.

For the rest of the cards I used the large and medium leaf dies. A nice collection of cards to have on hand or to give as a gift. 

"Thinking of You" 

Navy and white with white pearls. I've tried to get these cards to show as 3 in a row but they keep jumping around. I've used the silver sentiment stickers I like to keep on hand. I think they look professional and you don't have to worry about messing up a card if you stamp crocked.

 "With Deepest Sympathy" 

Navy and craft again with white pearls.

 "Thank You" 

Red white and blue with tiny silver pearls.

 "Get well soon" 
Navy green and white/blue pearls and  a silver dragonfly sticker. 

Did you know that the dragonfly symbolizes the impermanence
 of life?

Black card base with strips of the wonderful embossed silver and gold and 6 silver leaves and black pearls.

It's always nice to find another way to use our dies. And it's always nice to display manners with a card.

"There can be no defense like elaborate courtesy. " ~E.V. Lucas

Be well and craft on! ~Carole


  1. I like your Daisy Die too. Gorgeous cards!
    Tons Of Hugs, Dangina

  2. So wonderful and such eye candy when I get here! I love, love, LOVE the cards you make.
    My fav flower is the Gardenia, rose, sunflower, hydrangea, black-eyed Susan, violet, lilac, peony...well I think ya know what I mean...I can't pick just are WONDERFUL and one of the best things Mother Nature gave to us.
    I get so tickled when we make them.


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