Friday, June 29, 2012

Special request Wedding card

A special request for a heart shaped - braided satin ribbon - easel wedding card with a pocket for an enclosed monetary gift. Wow that's a mouth full.  My friend saw the easel card I posted in May [here] and asked to have one made for a wedding in July. 


I don't know about you, but I have a hard time doing the same card twice. I always want to improve it or add a new twist, and so I have. I spray glued 2 sheets of card stock together to create a very sturdy card, able to support the full heart on the easel fold. I replaced the "Congratulations" silver sticker for "Mr.&Mrs." glitter letters on white backed with silver. I added the tiny lace with fabric glue for the twist.

This second picture shows the back of the card - outlined with lace and a border punched pocket - shaped like the bottom of the heart. I puzzled over this for quite a while. No place to place a pocket inside. I thought about a hidden grand kids love those...but this is serious. So it's on the back.

The picture on the left shows the card standing, and the right shows the inside. A personal message can be added to the top inside, or included in the back pocket.

Now for the envelope. The card measures 
7" X 9" and with the braided ribbon and pearls it's about 3/4" thick. I decided to make a box with an acetate lid. I was surprised how easy that was. Definitely easier than an envelope. I covered a piece of cardboard [from a stack of 12 X12 papers] cut to 8.5" X 10.5" allowing for a 3/4" depth, with silver card stock for the inside of the box. I scored and folded the bottom using glue dots to attach the side cuts. Love those glue drying time. The acetate lid was cut, scored and folded and glued the same way.

I'm tempted to embellish the lid .... a flourish made with silver stickles or liquid pearls....maybe two doves punched from glitter paper....oh flowers would be cool....but maybe just a bow. What do you think?

A gift card, hopefully kept to remember the giver and the gift.

"The older I get, the less time I want to spend with the part of the human race that didn't marry me."  ~Robert Brault

Thanks for looking...if you like it let me know. Be well ~ Carole


  1. When you have a quarrel with some person or relative at that time if you send this wedding card, he forgives you after see this type of invitation card. It looks beautiful and i am sure that he will be come in your wedding.

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  2. Making a box for this thick BEAUTIFUL MEMENTO CARD was ingenious! How thoughtful and lovely. This will surely be a prized remembrance for the bride and groom. Bravo!

  3. Oh Carole, your white on white is absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Thanks for mentioning your blog in your comment the day. I'm so enjoying your blog!!! Hugs, Carla


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