Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wedding Cards

Formal Tuxedo Shaped card
I've made a Tuxedo Shaped card before...but not with this detail. I did several cuts to layer this card. First the base card in white card stock, then 2 black cuts split for the front and the back of the card. The front jacket cut opened to reveal another layer-the formal shirt cumber-band buttons and bow tie.

I pinned a card like this on my board "cards I want to recreate" hoping it had a link so I could learn how it was done. But no I had to try and try again until I got a card I'm pleased with. I even made the little roses. Fancy Formal and Fun.

A friend at our local Woman's Club asked if I would create a card for her Grandson's wedding to be held in May. So I'm working on several samples. Up next is a white on white card. Again I pinned a similar card on Pinterest so I looked at that for inspiration.

Double Hearts Wedding Card

If she chooses this sample I will remake one with  all pure luxury card stock. If you noticed the base card is a different shade of white. It's plain card stock...the hearts were cut from scraps of pure luxury card stock by Gina K from Stamp TV. This is a double embossed card with embossed lines to separate the two designs and to place the sentiment.

Have you notice the doily in the background of these photos? I crochet in the evenings while my husband watches TV...he flips channels constantly. So instead of getting annoyed or attached to watching one show, I crochet. It keeps the peace and keeps me involved and productive. I love this pattern I will post a picture another time so you can see the beautiful design. Have you ever done a 4 treble popcorn crochet stitch, or a cluster decrease? I'm still learning new stitches after 30 years of crocheting. 

Lacey Fan-Thinking of you
Up next is yet another Pinterest inspired card. I have a friend whose husband has been very ill for so long it breaks your heart. I just deleted the much information. Any way this is the card I made thinking of Jackie.

The cards are similar to the inspiration cards but I do add my own flair. If you have an interest in comparing my cards to the inspiration cards just follow me on Pinterest. Then let me know how I did.

"The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free you actions will be". 
Katherine Mansfield 

That's all for now. Be well


  1. Get on outta here! That tuxedo card is fabulous (and I'm lovin' the dress cards down below, too.)!

  2. I've missed a lot of your postings. I'm in Florida. Typing on phone so a little slow. I inked my embossing folder and then ran thru machine. Loving your cards especially the 3lTezt ones. Tux flowers and fan. Wonderful. Tired of typing with one finger now. Will catch up later. Haha

  3. Amazing cards, Carole! I love your little tuxedo!!


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