Thursday, March 29, 2012

I lost my best friend "Beau"

Beauregard better know as Beau or Buddy or Bee-bop. He's a mix between a Jack Russell and a Corgi. See those aviator ears? So cute. Beau also had the worst under bite I've ever seen, but that didn't diminish his good looks.

My Mother and sister rescued him from a shelter in 2002. He was such a gentleman they couldn't resist his adoring personality.  My Mum absolutely loved this little dog. She was over the moon happy playing with Beau. She was so patient and forgiving him when the first time she left him alone he about destroyed her home. Didn't matter this dog had won her heart.

Keep in mind that she was in her late 70's, but she would get down on the floor and play tug of war over a chew bone with him like a little kid, giggling with delight.  When ever we would hug Mom Beau would stand on his hind legs and hug with us. Private joke.

Mom loved to feed Beau too! If we took her out she made us stop at the hamburger joint to bring home a burger for Beau. Never mind that it wasn't good for him ... it made her happy to see him so excited about eating it. She even cooked liver just to feed him...yuck!!! 

Mom had Beau tested and approved as a 
"Pals for Life" dog and she would take him to hospitals so other Seniors could benefit from his pleasant friendly personality. 

I'm sure by now you figured out that my Mother passed away. She was diagnosed and treated for a cancerous brain tumor. When she began the radiation treatment she asked if I would take Beau home and care for him. And I did so willingly but with some concerns. 

The best part about Beau's being a "Pals for Life" dog...I was allowed to take him to the hospital and later the Hospice when Mom's condition worsened. She would light up when he pranced in her room jumping to get up on the bed with her. She'd giggle and feed him her lunch, looking like a naughty girl. She wanted to walk him around and introduce him to all the patients and staff. And so we did...pushing Mom in her wheel chair, Beau on a leash, happy tail wagging. Mom's biggest concern was what would happen to Beau when she passed.

By that time my husband and I loved Beau as much as Mom did. He brought us so much joy. I never knew I could love an animal so much. So we reassured Mom that we would keep him and love him for ever.

The Vet wasn't sure how old Beau was when Mom adopted him...his guess was anywhere between  3 to 8 years old. Mom had him for 5 years and when he came to us our Vet thought he was between 10 and 11 years old. Then we found out that he had lymes disease. 

He was treated for that and the tough little guy survived and thrived. For a while he would drag his feet so that the top of his foot would get scratched open. We bought him little leather booties that had velcro straps to hold them on, and he learned he had to lift his leg higher because of the booties. So he improved but would always have a wobble walk and no doubt painful joints.

Next was an ear infection not uncommon in older dogs, but so heart breaking to witness his discomfort and confusion. His head would retain a tilt after that...almost like he was looking at you with a question in mind.

Our daily walks became shorter, he had difficulty getting up on the curb to the grass. Yet he still seemed to have a lot of spunk, sniffing and snooping along, then charging home. 

When we'd leave him at home he would be sitting in the window looking out with his little head cocked waiting for our return. Then he would be so happy to see us he would run and slide back and forth and making happy sounds. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Beau knew when it was 5 o'clock. Five or ten minutes before 5 he would get off the couch or a pillow and come looking for me. That's when I would prepare his kibble topping it with some chopped chicken breast, hamburger or liverwurst. Now I understand why Mom took such delight in feeding him.

Our neighbors loved Beau too, he was social and friendly, they would always stop and bend down to pet the little guy, and he'd only bark if someone knocked on the door.

Well Beau lived a good long life. We've had him for over 5 and half years so he was at least 14 years or older. He's been loved and cared for and brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.  Our hearts are broken, our eyes are swollen and our home feels empty with out him. We'll miss you little buddy... give Mom our love.


  1. Hi My Mom, I too want to express how much I will miss our Bo, Beau. I remember that the only reason I have a cell phone today is because of Bo. When Mom and Dad went away for a weekend, I would stay with my brother Bo. And without a house phone my Parents were not able to call and talk to him or check up on me durning my stay, therefore, my Dad insisted that I get a phone on their plan.
    I also remember one time Mom had to help me with dropping my car at the dealer, she was gone only 15 minutes and when we got back he ran around it circles full of love for our Mom. No matter how much of an old man he became, he acted like a puppy seeing our Parents.
    I liked to bring him treats durning my visits and Christmas gatherings. Soon as I walked in the door, he was always the first one too get all my attention. He was a great friend.
    When I was away, My Grandmom used to write me letters, I still have them. She would tell me all her adventures with her new best friend. I am so grateful that they had each other to share their love with.
    I just asked Kara what she remebers about Bo, She said, I hope it doesn't sound corny but.. Bo had a way of inspiring Hope. Like no matter how old he was, how his legs didn't keep up with him, or how his little head turned like tring to understand, you could look at him and know with love and willingness nothing can stop you.
    I am not looking forward to coming in and not being greeted my "My Buddy"
    Mom and Dad our thought are with you We know how much he was your life. He is with Grandmom now and they are probably running in a field of flowers that smell like dog bones. Sounds like Heaven to me..
    Kara is going to try to post a picture she took of him durning our last over-nighter we had with him.
    Love Jen & Kara

  2. Thanks Jennifer and Kara...that's so sweet. How about the way Beau would always sniff your bags looking for treats.


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