Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Preparations

I haven't posted for over a week because I was working on so many different projects. Some I can't post yet...

I've finished making and posting my Christmas cards!!! This year I even made lined envelopes using kraft paper and sheet music. Then I stamped all the envelopes with a green pine branch on the front and Merry Christmas on the back. They look so nice that I hand printed our return address on all of them. No printed labels on my envelopes. 

 I knew that most of the cards would require extra postage - but that insures that they will not be machine processed. Less damage hopefully. The line of people kept growing while my cards were weighed and stamped. It's that time of year that we need to practice extra patience people.  It's a nice opportunity to have a conversation, share a smile or tell a story. The time will pass quickly.

Most of the cards I mailed were like the door cards I posted last week, with subtle variations. The lamp post cards are toppers from Flower Soft. I applied the glue and flower soft to the lampposts and let it dry. Then attached them to cooper or gold glimmer paper, followed by outline stickers in gold. I added a bow and a sentiment before completing the inside message. These cards measure 4 1/4" X 8" so I had to make the envelopes. I used a recycled ivory paper then stamped the pine branch and sentiment. I made these cards to hand to my friends at  the "Woman's Club of Royersford" meeting today. 

I purchased several of these nostalgic images from Printable Heaven. I used them as toppers but wanted to add more interest by adding the bough and ribbon as well as the outline stickers and sentiment stickers. Oh so quick and easy, but still home made...right?

Finally I made 3D letters to decorate at my sister-in-laws 
60th birthday dinner celebration. She doesn't follow my blog so no worries that she'll see it before the party. Her name is obviously Rose. "S and O" are THE hardest 3d letters to assemble. The lamp post is backed with black core board for dimension and to create the stand. This project took a whole lot of time, but it was a lot of fun to decorate.

So that's what has kept me to busy to post for over a week. Was I missed???  Does anybody read this???  It doesn't matter...I'll keep on doing it for my own satisfaction.

" A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." William Shedd

Be well and craft on!


  1. AH CAROLE, Simply few words can express true artful bliss...and I'm all over these magnificent lil' masterpieces. Amazing how you constructed the letters yourself for ROSE...I know that was satisfying for you...I would have cheated and bought the ready to decorate ones myself...but you go above and beyond...we (I) need a tutorial. I can hardly wait for the day you can upgrade and start making vids for Youtube. Oh how the art community would adore you and your art "live".
    I wait with bated breathe until your next post so I can see what other wonderful creations you have made with love. 'Till then...ART ON and PEACE OUT!
    P&L, DarleneGail

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on making and posting ALL your seasons greetings cards! WOW! It was all I could do to tag onto a couple of old folks jokes with a bit of personalized writing. You do hold yourself to a lofty standard...

    And YES - You ARE missed when you don't post. The absence of the notice is noticed: Your blogspirit is missed ~ mist.

    Interesting that the S and the O are the letters you found most difficult to create in three dimensions. It's their lack of angularity, I suppose. IF you choose to do more, perhaps you can make them boxier to start?

    I enjoyed the lamp post card. It evokes a quieter time.

    I especially enjoyed your comment about waiting in the line at the post office largely because I did that so recently AND I chatted up those in queue with me for the exact same reasons as you. We two are letters cut from the same cloth. SO NICE that ArteDar is here with us and commenting.

    Enjoy the ride to Mary Land and come safe home, sister dear...ya hear?


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