Monday, December 19, 2011

More Holiday Preparations

Hello my friend...I've been recreating some things I saw on Pinterest that I love. Some things just pop out at you. This musical feather for one.  It really spoke to me. So simple to make...follow the link to find out how, then look around her blog, Karen creates the most amazing projects. Check out this link for Wynken, Blynken and Nod you'll be delighted.

I used "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" music printed on Ivory paper. I made an envelope to enclose the feather in; with brown kraft paper. Then I wrote "A Bit Of Whimsy" followed by: "Let your imagination take flight".  

I put one in my Christmas tree and was delighted when my son-in-law picked it out and remarked on it. He's so observant and really has an eye for unusual things. I was impressed and flattered. I sent one to my sister Deborah and my cousin Darlene Gail; my two best followers and fans. They both pick up found feathers and keep them. Perhaps they're looking for an angel's feather... because I know that angels look out for "both of them".

This is a DIY project I saw on Pinterest. I bought the glass candle holders plates and bowl at a local thrift store, then used E6000 to glue them all together.  Just perfect for holiday entertaining. I like the height between the plates and the bowl is great for dips or nuts. I like them both. There are so many possible variations depending on the candles stick holders and the plates you find. How fun. I made them as gifts for my daughter Corina and my daughter in law Sandy. Don't you just want to go to a thrift store and look at the many possibilities available to create your own personal tiered server? I'd be so pleased if you do... and than share the pictures with me.

Happiness is activity. Aristotle

Until next time...Be well and craft on!

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