Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Spirit continues to inspire

Happy Thursday Guests. 
Today I have a few more to add to my collection of Christmas cards. I've completed 39 cards so far...even printing out many verses to adhere inside. I found several on Pinterest just by searching Christmas're sure to find the perfect sentiment.

 I enjoy creating similar cards with different colors and embellishments...
so helpful when sending out a long list of recipients.

 Do you have a favorite?

 I find it very efficient to have the card bases cut and scored as well as many toppers trimmed and ready to die cut or emboss.

I also have many die cuts ready in various colors and shapes...
so nice and easy  to play with different arrangements...
that's how I've been so productive. 

Wishing you inspiration and
energy to complete the long list of things to get done by Christmas.

Be well ~ Carole

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  1. All lovely. You seem to have your card making much more organized than I have mine. I know that it takes me way too long to make the cards that I have made so far. I feel like I am never going to get done.


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