Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A banner for the Woman's Club of Royersford

Greetings and thanks for visiting.
Today I will share my latest project, this banner.

I started by cutting premium poster board into pennants then chomping the holes to string them together. 

I cut small notches at the top of this tri-fold foam core display and inserted the string then pulled to tighten it. They could be tied together for a longer single banner, but this will work as a display board.


I took down the top cluster of pennants and removed the string so that I could add grommets. That's a lot of chomping, so I did it in shifts.

I played with different possible ways to layer the letters to add dimension and interest. I decided to keep it simple adding just the white embossed layer over the base, then the letters. 
Using the georgia font at 3" tall I cut the first layer of letters/words from recycled cereal boxes and chip board from various products.  Then I cut them again using the deep blue to glue on top.

I glued the letter layers together and finished cutting and embossing the white layer, but I needed to give my arm a rest from cranking the cuttlebug.

Here's my spray booth, this makes for easy assembly so I even spray glued the letters, in the end it all came together very quickly.

Our club's logo is "keeping library doors open", so I want to some how feature the tri-fold as library doors, any ideas are welcome.  

Personal note: Yesterday I had an SLT (laser surgery) done to my left eye. After my 2 week check up I'll schedule the first cataract removal. With the eye pressure lowered I hope it will relieve the light sensitivity I've been experiencing.

 Hoping all is well with all y'all.


  1. HI Carole, wow I love this project! What a super piece of work...good news about your eye, hugs Carole Z X

  2. Goodness, Carole, that is brilliant and a lot of work! I love that you are an artist advocate for your town! It may be too late, but the only thing I can think of for getting the look of library doors is to have a poster made or print off a large size print of books on shelves and glue that to each back side of the tri-fold ends, so that as one approaches the display from the side, it looks like looking into the library. If you could leave a margin all around, then you could use that great imagination and talent of yours to structure door handles or bars. On the "inside" it might get too busy to add anything other than the town logo or library logo above or below your bunting so it doesn't detract from your bunting.

    I'm glad to hear you are in the process of getting your vision corrected! I hear from friends that it's a process, but so worth it in the end! I wish you all the best!! Hugs, Darnell


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