Sunday, January 18, 2015

First post of the year 2015

Greetings. Thanks for stopping by. I've been focused on so many different events since I last posted and none too exciting...except we are in the process of renovating our 20 plus year old condo. We've replaced the bathroom flooring, installed manufactured hard wood floor in my craftroom, replace the washer & dryer and hired a contractor to paint. He wrapped everything with plastic and started on the ceiling.

When he started to cut in with the lemon yellow he discovered damp walls...above the front door and slider windows. You can't paint wet drywall, it just runs down. Well after several phone calls, and walk throughs, with the management and homeowners insurance companies it was decided that some dry wall will need to be pulled to discover the source. The investigation begins on Tuesday. 

No reason to install the drapes, hang the wall decor/pictures, or return the furniture.

I was abled to restore some books and glassware. The Chandelier adds so much sparkle. 
Wouldn't crown molding look divine? One thing at a time...

I know this is quite daring....the navy blue paint is called "daring" and I had to put on my brave girl boots and convince girl friends and family that it would work....or if not just a couple more coats of paint will fix it. Not everyone will find it appealing but I sure do.

Change wreaks havoc...disorder and chaos...yet...all things are temporary. 
With gratitude for all that is...Be well ~ Carole


  1. Hi Carole, you have had a busy time! I really like the blue wall, I love anything that makes a statement alongside paler colours. Belated Happy New Year to you! Hugs Carole Z X

  2. You have been one busy lady! I like the changes that you made. I know what you mean about changes...went through that two years ago...when we gutted our bedroom and bathroom...and installed 5 new floors...( and 6 new windows) Yikes! What a mess! But I like how it all turned out!

  3. Hey Carole, saw you on Carole Z's blog and came to have a snoop :) LOVE this colour, its one of my faves. I once had a hot pink wall that NO one was convinced about until it was finished. Oh and I saw you wanted to swap die-cuts with Carole, I would happily swap with you too - if you don't mind posting to NYC? Cx


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