Sunday, September 28, 2014

Floral arrangements and wall decor

Greetings dear visitors, thanks for stopping by. I've been busy decorating and creating a few floral arrangements to celebrate the beauty of Autumn.

Our storage shed was begging for a colorful wreath. I wrapped the metal form with this wonderful burlap ribbon, then wired or hot glued the leaves and flowers. The colors are so vibrant I couldn't go wrong. I learn as I next time perhaps I'll cover the form with moss or straw before I wrap the 
ribbon around it. 

I used the plastic covered wired stems I cut the flowers from form the base for this arrangements... adding two floral picks to each end...attaching the flowers and ribbon to complete. A wreath would block the light coming in the front door... I love how the cut glass creates lovely prisms of color in the early morning...and the delivery man can see our number.


I'm still working on this wall display trying to achieve some balance and interest. 

"Faith - Family - Future"

I cut the letters from Square One....a re-positional, printable, self-adhesive fabric...using my cricut and SCAL program...then I layered them on teal card stock...and black foam they are light and easily attached to the wall with the tacks.

I should have photographed these before I hung them..."Too soon old....Too late smart"

My daughter Anne drew these pen and ink drawings several years ago. I hope that some day she'll have the time to continue exploring her amazing talents...but for now her days are full raising her teenage daughter.

There are so many choices for how we spend our time...I will continue to explore any form of art that appeals to me...altered art is sparking my creativity...stay tuned to see what develops.
Be well and craft on!!! ~ Carole


  1. Hi Carole, a beautiful wreath! I love door decor and change mine every season. I just put my Fall one up, it's the same as last years as if they are still good, I tend not to make a new one for a couple of years. I will have to blog it this week. I love your floral arrangement over the door too, such gorgeous colours. Your daughter's drawings are beautiful, hugs Carole Z X

  2. Beautiful door decorations Carole, such beautiful colours xx

  3. Your fall arrangements are really beautiful, Carole! I think the one over the door has plenty of balance and interest! Gorgeous! Your wall of art is also very well done! Thank you for sharing! I agree with you about your daughter and the hope that she can reconnect with this talented side of herself soon!! Hugs, Darnell


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