Saturday, October 11, 2014

White on White Wedding Cards

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I finally got around to making some wedding cards to replace several that were sold at the consignment shop. I'm not sure why I don't just replicate...but no that would be too easy...instead I punch, emboss and die cut many elements and try to create something new and different...making it hard on myself and wasting a lot of time. I guess I just don't want to repeat myself...repeat my self...silly me.

Similar but different...the bird bride has a that too kitschy? I love the doily die under the flowers...and I've learned using a little brush to poke out the tiny elements is way easier than poking them out with a pin.

This on almost looks plain in comparison...I did add a gold heat embossed sentiment "Congratulations" below the oval before sealing it in a cellophane envelope.

Here's another rather simple card with some netting under the oval...I just wanted to get them finished.

I received a request for a cut file from Jean...however when I clicked on her link there was no blog to visit...therefor no way to forward the information. So hopefully she'll check in...the digger file she requested is by Bird'Card and that's the link.

I love comments and requests and I try to respond to all of please do leave contact information if you don't have your own blog. Thanks to all that take the time to means so much to me.

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  1. Beautiful card Carole, i'm the same, should make cards I can replicate, but I don't and it makes more work of course, what are we like ? :)hugs Carole Z X

  2. These are so pretty! Doing new designs is much more fun though right?!
    Lucy x

  3. Very picture cards. I rarely reproduce my cards...(probably because I don't sell my cards) but even on the rare times that I try to reproduce a card it never turns out the same anyway.

  4. Goooood Grief...they are all gorgeous and yes, a lot of love and detail went into each one...even the beautiful CAS....which it really wasn't. I need to do a wedding card for me and for a friend and I just pulled one out of a box that were pre-made..shame on me. Perhaps I could sorta case one of yours but I don't have any of those make some svgs...well....more time...haha...wish you were closer...I would buy one of yours.

    1. send me your new address and I make some cuts and send them...your not at the cobblestone address anymore...right? I love using scraps that way. Hugs C

  5. What dies are used on these wedding cards?

  6. My contact (for info on the wedding card dies) is email - Thanks


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