Saturday, October 25, 2014

A cat and a bag or a ball or a string...

 My sister and my daughter in law have cats and birthdays this month, so I created and cut several silhouettes to make these cards. 

Cats are very entertaining when stalking bags and balls of string or other things.

I have to wear my glasses all day now and as I looked around I saw what I didn't want to see....dirt...greasy dirt along all the a result I've been on a cleaning binge....I know....CRAZY...right. It started with the stove top and drip pans....then the oven and racks... and of course the micro wave. I had to move the toaster oven as well as the toaster and disposed of the loaf of bread crumbs that had accumulated.  I enrolled Mr Clean and Dawn to assist in the removal of the grime. A lot of squatting and deep knee bends and broken nails I am now admiring the gleam of a shining clean kitchen. I might go back in tomorrow and see what's going on in the refrigerator. AND it occurs to me that if I don't cook... the kitchen will stay clean with a quick wipe...

I thank you for stopping by, I've been easily distracted and haven't been blogging as much AND all is well. I hope you understand and that YOU are thriving and having fun. 

Be well my friend and craft on ~ Carole


  1. Fabulous cards Carole. The paper bag one reminds me of our childhood pet cat
    " Sooty". She loved nothing more than to scoot around the floor in a paper bag!! Thanks for reminding me!! xx

  2. Aww these are so cute I love them! I have a friend who loves cats and would adore one of these!
    Lucy x

  3. These are such fab, fun cards Carole..cats are really fun to watch at play! Carole Z xx


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