Monday, August 25, 2014

Craft room re designed...Happy girl

You might not be surprised that I painted my remodeled craft room a cool minty green-blue coastal color. When I decided to paint the room before the laminate floors were installed the first color that caught my eye was this lovely shade named ionic sky. Very close to the background shade of my blog...and very similar to my watery screen saver. I favor the cool color tones of blue and green. 

 That's my 60" table top I bought on Craigs list for $35.00. LOVE it. Lots of room. I might even get out my sewing machine. Open space creates more options to play.

Sitting on the table top is a magnetic board with do list: start making magnetic buttons to attach cute little embellishments. Eyes on reminder.

I've built several cubes and drawer units as well as sort through all the plastic bins I've collected over the years. Everything is easily rearranged with plenty of open space to share.

I repainted this book shelve for storage and display. That's a MS box on top ...covered with some beautiful paper recycled from a gift. Have I revealed my passion for boxes? If I come across a good sturdy cardboard box I will keep it and eventually use it for storage or alter it with decorations. There are several boxes and bins about that are home to many organized items. Can you see my Scrabble box?

Here's a closeup. 

This decades old Scrabble game has been host to may conversation and challenges over the years...many years on a weekly visit with a dear friend from days gone by. Many games, many memories, so it's only right to honor the years of service with this altered box. 

Sometime ago I purchased a thrift store Scrabble game...obviously never used...thinking I would use the letters for some crafty thing...well as I unpacked my old Scrabble game I noticed the [repaired with duck tape] corners were split having this large open space to work with I rolled out some Kraft paper and covered the lid.

It has a leather like look so I reinforced the corners with black duct tape. 
It's a treasure box of memories.

 I opened the thrift store game and dumped the letters on the lid. As these words revealed themselves I rearranged and shuffled them as more words appeared affirming an intuitive influence.

I've pulled out a few more embellishments I want to add so it is a work in process. Very fun! No rhyme or reason...just sparks of ideas and inspiration. If there's an interest I will re post alterations.

Back to the do over...I'm still waiting for a file cabinet and some shelves to be delivered. That will help complete this office side of the craft room. The space feels's bright with room to move...not complete but it works for now.

I'm happy that I'm facing the door while I work. I'm looking forward to using this space to play, blog and visit all ya'll. 

Till then and always be well. ~Carole


  1. Wow...looks great and I will remember the pretty color you painted the room. I too am a coastal girl. I read all your descriptions and plans and awaiting a filing cabinet. I didn't exactly go through everything before moving to the new house. I gave a lot away to a friend who has just started card making but I still have a lot. But, it's fun to plunder. AGain, very impressed with your room and know you are in total when do we see the first card made in this nice room????

  2. Great job Carole. Such a lovely shade of blue and looks fab against the dark laminate floor xx

  3. Your room looks lovely and inviting...Inviting you to create! I can see why it's your happy place! Great color for the walls...I'm a PINK person so my room was painted pink...but your color would have been my second choice...(I had my room blue for many pink was a nice change for me)

  4. WOWZER! Your new space is beautiful!
    I was just wondering what you have been up to, and now I SEE it. I am super happy for you!

    Love the scrabble box!

  5. Nice new crafting area. It does make a difference when in a creative groove. That is especially true when you can easily access all of those precious goodies to make it happen. - Jim

  6. That was a ton of work, Carole! Ask me how I know! You are making my heart pitter patter with all this wonderful organization! You are going to be incredibly creative now with all that room for movement, both physically and mentally!! Well done!! TFS! Are you going to edit for WOYWW tomorrow? Oh, and that Scrabble box made me squeal! I LOVE Scrabble and think this is such a clever and fun idea!! TFS! Hugs, Darnell

  7. OH MY HEART!!! Beeee~utiful! Looks like Art Heaven to me. LOL, I know it will take you a minute to find what you want, but so well worth the hunt. I couldn't live without organization's a must have. A refreshing new start is exhilarating and I'm so sooooo happy for you. Play, play, play 'till your heart is content. Love You TONS Girlfriend


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