Monday, August 18, 2014

Ziggy's Flintstone Pig Roast

Greetings dear readers,
This is a journal of our road trip this weekend...I'm still designing and arranging my crafty no new crafts to share yet. My plan is to make this a quick post compiling some pictures and memories to be edited and embellished at a later date.

Road trip to Flintstone MD bordering on PA. We took the Pa turnpike north then headed for Hancock MD. ..over the mountains and through the tunnels.

Our destination...first stop "The Road Kill Cafe" under new ownership and freshly white washed. We stopped to pick up the key to the cabin we reserved. $50.00 a night includes two double beds, a picnic table, gun rack, dresser with dish TV, an under counter fridge and a microwave next to the sink and mirror. The bathroom includes a toilet, a shower and a hot water heater along with some rodent poison. Better then tenting by far...simple creature comforts.
 The Road Kill Cafe offers meals and groceries, sometime gasoline and ammunition...that is when business is good.

Next stop Ziggy's R&R Retreat. It's a mountain top property looking down on a pond. A pole barn with large garage doors. This is where Zig stores and restored his 57' chevy.

E nuff 4 now...back to work. Check in next time I'll post pic's of the progress.
Be well and happy !


  1. Lovely pics Carole, looks like you had a great road trip! Hugs Carole Z X

  2. Looks like fun, Carole!! It's always nice to have a road trip holiday!! Can't wait to see the space!! Hugs, Darnell


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