Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Week #2 for CASology - cue "Happy"  So I thought about what makes me happy and how to represent happy. I did some research for quotes but then I thought about chocolate, now that make me happy. Compliments and Chocolate will make most women happy.

I started thinking about chocolate kisses and how to make a one layer only card and still have silver kisses popping up. I drew and  cut out several kisses from a firm card stock - (probably backing from a purchased item) then glued them together, then on another card board to create an embossing plate. I laid that on my cuttlebug-A plate and ran it through- testing the sandwich combinations that would work. Finally I got good results using the A plate + B plate + base card +cardboard with the raised kisses + rubber mat + B plate.

Excitement...hoots and hollers such fun creating. Next step make it silver. I got out my Essential Glue Pad refill bottle and using a tiny paint brush I covered the raised "kiss" shapes with the glue. I pulled out my embossing powders and discovered I didn't have any silver powder. What to do...glitter, MS white gold fine glitter was all I had. It cool.

Using the computer I typed "HAPPY", twice then "CHOCOLATE" in a .25" height text box. After cutting that out, I cut tiny slits above the "kisses" and add the little strips.

I thought about adding a stamped "Happy" but since I don't have a stamp big enough to make an impact I'll leave it plain.

I'm going to enter it in "Less is More" Week 76 One Layer Challenge. 3 of anything, that is 3 colors, 3 stamps,3 images...whatever as long as it's a simple design, and only one layer.

This one qualifies. I hope those little strips aren't a problem. I'm sure when I buy some silver embossing powder I will try this again, but for now I'm "HAPPY " with the results. What do you think? Should I get a big happy stamp?

"If you want to be happy, be."  ~Leo Tolstoy

Thanks for visiting;) Be well ~ Carole
P.S. You might have noticed I changed my picture. The former one was from my son's wedding. That was 10 years ago, I haven't aged 10 years overnight. Hehe.


  1. Hi Carol, what a great idea - I just learned now how to make the embossing folders by myself. It's so fun and the effects are great as you show on your card.
    I would like to thank you also for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Hugs Claudia

  2. Hi Carole,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Love your card.

    Greetings, Jaimie

  3. Chocolate definitely makes ME happy! :) Love your creativity!! Wow! Love those embossed kisses and all that sparkle! Thank you so much for joining us at CASology this week!

  4. Love this...great job with the embossing! I need to try making my own folders!

  5. Hi Carole, thank you for visiting my blog. Must say, chocolate makes me very happy! Love your card, its fab! xxx

  6. Chocolate definitely makes me happy! Love this card and I'm happy you're playing along with CAsology!

  7. Carole - what a cute card, and great way to create your kisses. The little strips are perfect! Thank you so much for playing along with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

  8. Very sweet card. Chocolate makes me and just about everyone I know happy.

  9. LOVE this--your kisses look delicious! ;) And thanks for that quote--stashed away for later and it was just what I've needed to hear lately! I hope to see you join in the fun at Technique Tuesday as well--I'd love to see your creation for this month's challenge! :)

  10. Kisses, cute and creative. sweets at it best. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet love. Hugs

  11. It's fun to make your own embossing plate sometimes isn't it... I think your little words may be construed as embellishments don't you... they are minimal after all?
    Thanks a lot
    "Less is More"

  12. your card is absolutely brilliant and so very creative!! chocolate definitely does make one happy... thanks for playing along with CASology this week!

  13. Thank you for your comment on my LIM card. I like the embossing in your project, great job.

  14. Brilliant solution to creating a one layer card! Those kisses are fabulous and are making me crave one right now! Thanks for playing along at CaSology this week!

  15. Happy, happy! I hope you'll link up at 52 Card Pickup this week!

  16. I LOVE these kisses! Awesome card!

  17. Such an innovative idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and apologies for the delay in returning the favour - I've been on holiday. Off to look at your other cards.
    Happy LIMing!
    Rosey x


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