Friday, March 7, 2014

Just having fun playing with my new dies and scraps of many colors

The birthday presents are silver metallic so they're reflecting the blue, and the bows are purple metallic. Love using little scraps for these dies. I braved putting ink of the dogwoods...just touched the edge with an alcohol pen and you could see it absorbing the ink.
I'm happy to learn that there is a shape similar to the tiny stamen die that's hiding from me....on the SCAL basic shape library, that way a can cut several at once.

I was looking around my room noticing the various paper projects I have displayed and this caught my eye...Look at this gorgeous creation made for me by my cousin ArteDarthe lid fits so well...wanna see what's inside?

My collection of religious medals...a brooch that was my Aunt Mae's and little notes...on scraps and bits... from Darlene Gail (DG) sharing love and generosity. She's been so good to me gifting me baskets of supplies. DG is quite an artist...sharing her time and talents in mixed media. Take a look if you have a moment...she even does video streams. Any way I thought I'd share that...just cause she's on my mind. Pleasantly on my mind. 

I had fun creating the rain, clouds, umbrella and duckies in SCAL, {SureCutsALot} than I cut it and several of the different elements twice so I could do the's like putting a puzzle together..curiously fun. The Get Well Soon is a sticker...I might just remove that...or not.

Here's some of the cuts I've been making...I even used the packaging card stock from an embossing folder. The limey green bows on the packages and then the birthday candles. Above the green candles is a cut using black glitter paper...the tiny flames are a bit fussy, but I love the presents and bows

Well perhaps I'll find a challenge to play along with. Thanks for visiting let me know you stopped by and I'll return to visit you. Be well ~ Carole


  1. Very nicely done Carole. The box with the goodies is impressive. Love the dogwood flowers. The duckies in the rain is really cute.

  2. Hi Carole, some really lovely creations those ducks under the brolly! A gorgeous box made by your cousin too, lovely details- have a great weekend, hugs Carole Z X

  3. Wonderful creations Carole. Love the box with the goodies.

  4. A post full of delightful eye candy, Carole!! Love the cards and that box is outrageous! Thanks for the link to Darlene. Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell

  5. My darlin' Carole Ann...I wish I was a poet...I'd write words that would melt your heart with love, like chocolate on a sweet cherry is what you are. You make me feel special and loved...I just want you to feel the same...but be warned...If I had the chance I'd eat ya up!!! 'cause you'd be delicious!!!


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