Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Intention

My intention is to express my gratitude and thank the local community workers, friends and relatives for the job they do and for who they are to me. I am committed to living my life with joy and gratitude doing what I love to do,  then offering to share my love of crafts and other paper gifts to the people I meet along the way. 

Early Sunday morning...( with a bag of 4 paper roses )... I started the day by going to the local grocery  to get the newspaper and some cinnamon buns... as I walked slowly by the bakery department I saw 4 women preparing the most delicious looking desserts. 

A young girl asked if she could help me. I thanked her and complimented the beautiful mouth watering desserts in the display cooler. I gave her a paper rose. I explained that she was welcome to keep it ...use it as a gift topper...or gift it forward if she didn't want it. I told her I make them and love to craft. I pointed out my business card with contact information on the back held in place with photo corners...I also handed her a card that read:

Would you like to learn how to make a paper rose like this one?

15 Minutes to cut ... 15 minutes to shape and glue

Host a girl’s night out in your home and invite 3 - 5 friends.

Each guest will leave with 3 roses.

Beautiful gift toppers…

or glued to  a thank you note is a gift in itself.

$11.00 @ +$1.00 contribution

If you are not interested...that's fine. Keep the rose and enjoy your day. 

As the other 3 women gathered around to look at the rose I offered one to each of them and thanked them for the service they provide. I walked away feeling happy...and bit silly and shy...and then happy again. It feels good to give a little bit of happiness.

 It felt so good that I decided I would give away a paper it a rose, a pumpkin or what ever I delight in making that the people I encounter during my weekly errands. Of course I'm also trying to promote some interest in teaching my craft and sharing my resources.

 Place your attention on the top right hand corner of this photo...the center of that flower came from the ridiculously fun.  I can't imagine what I'll do next...or who will receive these lovely creations. 

Yesterday I gave 2 roses to our waitress and another to Women's Club First Vice President for printing our yearly booklets. My friend Raine got a pumpkin place card holder as a thank you for the bottle of Merlot she shared with us.

The bank teller liked the pumpkin tag holder, and the bank manager enjoyed the rose they both received when I went to cash a check. 

 These pumpkins are fun and easy...I'm getting better at bending the wire into shape. I'm using 18 - 20 circles for a nice full coverage. Experimenting with tape...terrifically tacky....or glue...but I think the tape works best. The other  fun part of this project is the tag, which will have contact information on the back too...these are a work in progress. 

I hope to continue this practiced intention...until I'm too busy teaching and sharing my love to craft and even then I will find time to thank those that serve us daily. 

Welcome to my new followers. I look forward to visiting you and to find out what lights you up.

Be well my friends and thanks for visiting. ~Carole


  1. What a magical post and a lovely way to live your life. Thank you for sharing. Have you ever seen the movie 'Amelie'? Something about your post reminded me of it. Julie Ann xx

  2. These are stunning and a soooo loved snooping on your desk and you showing your fun things to was a mind relaxer for me this morning.

  3. Your work is so gorgeous, Carole! Your RAKs will be returned to you in kind ... more importantly, you are setting a wonderful example and no doubt the people you are kind to are then kind to someone else that day and it gets paid forward. Feels so good, doesn't it! Keep spreading the joy!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. These are gorgeous Carole, I do so love the pumpkin note holders, Carole Z xx


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