Monday, October 7, 2013

Springs and Things Tag...Bits and pieces

1..2...3...^...> they look familiar? 

I really enjoyed taking the remote control apart...the springs are fun..I love the little led light bulb..(see that tiny bubble top the end of the cooper)...the keyboards are rubbery and the number cut off quite easily. I've taken watches apart and other broken electronics. I forget where I found that cooper spool thing...but wow...there are probably miles of micro thin cooper wire wrapped around that prize.

I tried inking up the rubber keyboard...see that pink mess...I looked at it from both sides...I knew I had to show my blogging buddies something I made with the I just let myself look at different components...gather some background paper...tags in this case...add some parts and pieces... put them down...move them around...until I was reason...just for fun. The feather nearly attached itself and as for the google was there...caught in the spring.

My cousin ArteDar gifted me many art supplies and other goodies...these distressed metallic tags among them. That link will allow you to see the Rag Teddy she made using Tim Holtz's new fabric...he is so shabby sh...weet...he look's like he's been loved to tatters.

By the way Tim Holtz has requested "Arte Dar"... to make a rag teddy for him personally... and then he commissioned her to make one for the manufacturers display... for the new line of fabric... I believe it's Coats &Clark. I hope she thrives with the light shining on her. She is amazingly talented as you will notice just scrolling through her blog.

And now on to other things... I'll be pleased to answer any questions and respond to all comments.

Be well and thanks for visiting.~ Carole


  1. Love this tag, what a fab creation! Wow your cousin must be talented to be commissioned by Tim! I'm going to pop over and look at the teddy! Carole Z xx

  2. Back again - just looked at Arte Dar's blog and the!

  3. nice post meh, It reminds me of an equally interesting blog on my reading list which is Personal Improvement Blog .
    keep up the good work meh and also, please visit my blog and drop a comment even if it's a simple "nice post" reply.


  4. How fabulous, but why couldn't you had posted this 3 days ago...haha! I tossed lots of remotes and things like this away. What wonderful elements they would had added to a card.....hummmmmmm!

  5. That is one techno cool tag! I'm off to visit your friend and then dig thru my remote control drawer and start tearing apart. (Yes, a drawer full. Keep finding them every time I move machine just remotes. :) thanks for joining my blog! Hugs

  6. fantastic tags, good for you for up-cycling, there should be more of it.

    hugs Eliza

  7. You have a great eye, Carole, and a lovely sense of adventure. Your tag background is so pretty and the way you arranged all your found treasures from the remote and that feather is just fab!! (That copper is very valuable; have fun with it!!) Hugs, Darnell

  8. How cool to see what you did with the remote. It definitely has some interesting bits and bobs in it.


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