Thursday, September 26, 2013

Family Album Picnic in the park ....The follow weekend plans

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Pot Luck Picnic in the Park... 
Photo Album an easy way to share our festivities with family members 
and friends that weren't  here.

That's my sister under the hat...covered with badges. Driving to PA from MD to host a fun family pot luck picnic. Now we all have something to talk about...and it's all fun.

 Just look at her...she sparkles with 

love and generosity. 

Next is the family matriarch "Aunt Peg"



Pictured here "Uncle Andy " Our Patriarch...tribal leader.....looking concerned about the.... dog.....rescued and much loved Copi ..... daughter ...."Yogina Corina"... the  guru of Wake Up Yoga . Now is that a convoluted sentence or what?   

 The picture above is my Mr described as Sgt. Sweeney...Big Dog.
Standing next to him is Angelique Bernadette Wargo cousin really....younger then my children. Second marriages second families a real sweet heart...but she's no angel LOL

Paul and Corina...she stepped into the sunshine and said the Universe. 

Best friend and dear Aunt Darlene looking at an old enlarged family photo....leaning in with cousin "Denny" to her ...behind him is "Gail"  his gal.....with her shades. 
Uncle Andy...seated reviews are family history. Kat is the sweet face behind him.

Aunt Peg to me... but Great Grandmom to this precious boy. There's Denny again...he's that babies Grand pop...where did that last 50 years go?..... Wooosh ....There I am in peacock blue looking giddy with joy.
My men... son Brent...talking to son in law..Paul...Sgt talking face to face with Uncle Bobby. 

Look at these precious children...little darlings...we were making bird houses and memories
That concludes this family album. I wish I took more pictures. Be well and I hope you are enjoying this marvelous Universe.~ Carole


  1. Lovely family Carole ... and looks like everyone had a fun time! Loll xx

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Carole!

  3. That was a lovely family album of a fun time, Carole! The intertube is really great for that, isn't it? How fun to have that huge spread for the adorable children ~ and Sissie looks like a hoot!!

  4. What a fabulous large family you have. Every one of those photos exudes "joy" and "love". Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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