Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WOYWW #225


I want to start by thanking all that stopped by and commented. I feel connected...I had questions answered...I learned a few things...and I heard some interest in my photo booth. I really enjoyed responding to all of you and having a closer second look follow up. I feel that it's possible  that maybe     wonder if you learned a thing or two while snooping about?

 The header is the link where you can learn all about snooping fun. Now on to the pictures.

Yes the green thing is the wrapper from a floral bouquet...I'm using it to ink up some edges. Really works well...easy to wipe off and then disposable when it becomes to messed up. I slept until after 8 am...rare for I have to play catch up.

Pictured here are a few more light blubs I'm working on. I love the shape of them...and I keep finding different was to decorate them...inside and out. Out of the 10 light bulbs I've emptied I only broke one...not bad. 

I now see plastic light bulbs in Micheal's or A C Moore's.  Strange because they also sell mason jars with a candle stick base, first seen on Pinterest as....get neck wine glasses...I call them highball glasses...cause I used E600 to attach a ball jar to a thrift store $1.00 glass candle stick base.

Aren't they pretty?

15 Minutes to cut...15 minutes to shape and glue. I had to know in planning a class to teach "Paper Roses" The 3 dimension roses are perky as a gift topper. Attached to a business card with a glue dot. You can write a short note on the back...How fun to pass them out.

Blogging feels like work...especially when you are eager to post it and start snooping. So post any questions and I will respond in kind thoughts... words and deeds. Be well ~Carole


  1. After the green thing--which is an excellent creative use of what would otherwise be trash--I noticed the lightbulbs, especially the one with the knit cap. How fun that you are doing creative things with light bulbs. See, this is another reason to not like the new-fangled corkscrew ones--you can put things in them! And yes, I've seen them called Redneck glasses as well. Thanks for the suggestions on what to do with the paper coffee cup holder. I do like the idea of adding lots of dimension to it.

  2. What a clever idea to use the floral wrap as your homemade craft paper!! Your light bulbs are so fun, too! The star of the show for me is that stunning yellow paper rose! It looks so real and begs to be stroked!!

    Happy WOYWW, Carole, and thanks so much for the visit to me! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #22

  3. what a fantastic idea, love the light bulbs, thanks for sharing, Donna #54

  4. You have some amazing ideas and have made beautiful things. Loved having a peek. Thanks for sharing :)

    Scrapping Life (Karen) no.82

  5. Love your light bulbs, I am not sure I would have enough nerve to take one apart without doing some permanent damage to my fingers but yours look awesome! Happy WOYWW Annette #19

  6. Oh Carole, your light bulbs are truly amazing, I love them. Gosh if I game them ago then they would all be smashed, I am really heavy handed.

    Belated WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 30

  7. Gorgeous roses and I love your lightbulbs :-)
    I do enjoy my snoop around on Wednesdays and Yes - I learn all sorts of stuff. :-) Not everyone answers my questions though which is kinda miffing !


    IKE in Greece #75 xx

  8. Loving your light bulbs!! Thanks for popping by. Take care Zo xx 95

  9. I thought it was a real rose, beautiful photo too!

  10. What a creative idea with the light bulbs. I wonder if they're meant to look like hot air balloons when displayed vertically . . . so pretty. Thanks for popping over to visit my blog already! Happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #89

  11. Great recycling there, using that green paper to as an inking up sheet! I get a real kick out of doing stuff like that :-) The lightbulbs were fun too, the glittery one is my favourite, but then I am the Bling Queen of the World.....
    As I was scrolling down to comment, I noticed the photo of the building in the previous post. What an interesting place! I tell you something, my geographical knowledge of the US has improved hugely since commenting on the Stateside desks! I now know where Palmer, Alaska and Springfield, Missouri are for example. (I majored in Geography and love maps, you see)
    And THEN, I saw your daughter doing that one handed hand, she's amazing!
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  12. Love those light bulbs, we dont see them here at all
    Bridget #78

  13. I have not seen nor heard about using light bulbs. You are doing a great job.

  14. Carole--your light bulb creations are so cool! Yes, I've seen that on Pinterest, and I'm now following you and some of your Pinterest boards too. Your name for the stemmed ball jars is perfect! I love Ball jars. Thanks for visiting me and have a great weekend! Sandy Leigh #88

  15. The light bulb I purchased from Hobby Lobby (seen at top of my desk) is actually glass, not plastic. I like how you used "trash" as scrap to work on to save your desk. And your flowers are pretty cool! Thanks for visiting and happy belated WOYWW!
    Carol N #87

  16. I really like what you've done with the light bulbs - so pretty. I guess you should have patented your red neck wine glass - you'd be rich! lol Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. April #21


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