Thursday, September 19, 2013

My week end plans...just might not be interested

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My sister Kit ... from Haggerstown, MD... planned a family potluck picnic this weekend...... at a Pavilion along the Perkiomen Creek...(Indian territory) here in PA...30 miles north east of Philadelphia.

 Old Mill House

A state run park that's local  for me and my kids and grandkids... as well  as other relatives.
There is one large pavilion available by reservation for large groups. Nearby are restroom facilities and areas for volleyball and shuffleboard. Visitors can walk, jog or horseback ride on over 19 miles of the Perkiomen Trail along the Perkiomen Creek.

This place is lovely for family events ....there's a little damn the creates a delightful waterfall. The kids have play grounds and sports and games or they can explore the creeks edge like we did as kids.  60 people have replied they were attending and bringing various side dishes to accompany the BBQ chicken and potato salad Kit is making for the gang of us.

                                      Looking over the Perkiomen Creek to Mill Grove
My sister Kit... besides being a gourmet cook, a beading... crafting.... sewing... gardening...girl scout leader... great gal, she can plan a great event. She's all that and so much more ...that if I  tell you'll end up hating her. LOL

Side note:
It must be true...first born children get the best of a good gene pool...she'll always be better at being the best. Do you understand what I'm sayin"? I love her!

Back to the event. Kit has asked my daughter Corina to teach a beginners yoga class for any guest willing and interested. Corina (pictured below) is my second daughter ... a world traveled yoga teacher. From Dubai...India...Costa Rica...Jamaica plus New York, California, Seattle and more, Corina has shared her skills, talent and wisdom to multitudes. AMAZING Pictured here 

 Corina Lynn Benner

doing a one arm hand stand. Her heels resting against the wall for hold flash. I'm thinking sure know I could not have done that at 45 years of age. Am I proud? Did I have anything to do with that? She's so skilled at writing and sharing some of the most profound publications she discovers. My little yogi Cori. 
Okay back to the event ranch.

I've been requested to offer a "make and take" craft class so..... I think I will take 

  1. a bunch of papers...
  2. the template for the little bird houses
  3. the paper rose template printed on pink and yellow paper
  4. ready to use...almost finished...needs something added card stock.....
  5. glue and glue dots tape and runners
  6. scissors and pins
  7. along with all those little punches I made using scraps...
  8. all the bits and pieces charms and stickers

all that stuff cluttering my space and entice everyone to come and play with paper. We'll see what is created and who has a spark. Carole memo: remember put camera on the list. Done.

 Kit has games planned too...a 3-legged race, maybe...farkal...farkle's always fun...who knows what she has to surprise and reward. Did I mention her generosity?

I'm really looking forward to a happy homespun pot luck picnic with my dutch-y siblings. 

Did you read the post I wrote about my brother??? and his billy bob teeth??? I know I posted about his annual pig roast over in Flintstone. Where we rent cabins for the night at the Road Kill Cafe. The Road Kill offers cabins, breakfast lunch and can get ice or smokes, tee shirts or groceries, gasoline along with ammunition. One stop shopping mountain side ice cream stand. That's a whole nother story. 

He he... I'm done ramblin' for now... not sure if I should post this...I use to be I'm just not sure.
Be well Carole

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  1. What a fun catch-up I've had, Carole! LOVE your big and roomy craft space as shown on the last WOYWW! And your one-armed yogi Cori is outstanding!! I'm not sure I could even get my heels balanced on the wall if I were flat on my back!!


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